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A prefix in the Warriors world, by definition, is the first part of a cat's warrior name. This name is received at birth, at which point the cat is given a prefix, along with the suffix -kit (later changed to -paw as an apprentice).

But you all already know that, I'm sure, so onto the good stuff!

Kits can be named for a variety of physical attributes, including colouring, coat texture, size, or genetic oddities (though these are usually avoided).

Notice how the kit is named for a physical attribute. This is because of a variety of arguments, the strongest of which is that the physical appearance of the kitten at birth is the only thing that is likely to remain with it through its entire life. The colour of their coat is not going to change until, StarClan willing, they grow old and begin to grey. Likewise, coat texture and genetic oddities will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Size might pose a slight problem, though runts usually stay runts and giving names like Acorn- or Little- is quite safe when referring to smaller than average kittens.

One physical attribute a kitten should never be named for is their eye colour. Kittens, as a general rule, do not open their eyes for the first half-moon of their life and, once they do, their eyes remain a blue colour, changing to their permanent colour from about the third to sixth moon of their lives. For this reason, naming a kit for its eye colour is a poor decision.

Some other naming techniques also suggest that kittens can be named as a tribute to a cat that has now joined StarClan, as a way to honour them. This is a lovely idea, but the name should still attempt to match the kitten's physical appearance (you can't exactly have a black cat named Snow-, now can you?). Likewise, a kit can be named for the events occuring during its birth, but the name should still match the pelt colour or other attribute (like Storm- for a kit with a grey pelt born during a storm).

Another more lyrical naming convention suggests that a kit can be named for the sounds it makes in the first moon of its life. A kit may be much louder than its littermates, in which case a prefix like Loud- or Howling- might be used. A quiet kit may be named Whisper- or Gentle-, for example. The problem with this naming system, though it may lead to very lyrical warrior names, is that a kit may not remain loud or soft-spoken throughout its life in the Clan, leading to anomalies such as a very arrogant, outspoken cat named Silentheart.

Some things kits should never be named after, other than eye colour, are their personalities or genetic defects that will impact them negatively. While genetic defects will stay with the cat for its whole life, naming a kitten after it twisted paw or deformed tail is mean-spirited and cold-hearted. The kit is forever known for its defect, leaving it little room to prove itself outside of this accepted societal view and, most likely, crushing its self-esteem from the outset.

Similarly, naming a kit for its personality is misleading. As a kit grows into apprenticehood and then becomes a warrior, chances are that certain events in its life will change the way it sees the world and, therefore, have an impact on its personality. And, if the personality changes, the name no longer applies. Either that, or the Clan leader has a lot of renames to do!

The final naming rule is that kits should never be named after spiritual imagery. In the case of Warriors, this means anything and everything to do with StarClan, including Moon-, Star-, Sky- and Spirit-. If your fanfiction takes place within the four original Clans, the prefixes Thunder-, Wind-, River-, and Shadow- would also be avoided.

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Kits can be named for:
- physical attributes (colour, texture, size, positive oddity)
- in honour of a deceased cat (as long as name still relates to attribute)
- an event that occured during its birth (as long as name still relates to attribute)
- in lyrical naming styles, for the sounds it makes as a kit

Kits cannot be named for:
- eye colour
- personalities
- genetic defects that impact them negatively
- spiritual images (Star-, Moon-, Spirit-, etc.)
- the four Clans (if fanfiction takes place in that universe)

The next two parts of this guide are dedicated to prefixes - one list is in alphabetical order and the other is sorted by various colours and patterns.

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