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I see you have stumbled across my naming guide - hello! If you're wondering what exactly you're looking at, it's a set of guidelines I've put together regarding naming in the Warriors fandom. Too often do I see names that seem out of place in the Clans, and I'm sure you do too - names like Pinkfur, Daggertooth or, StarClan forbid, Starstar. In this guide, I hope to remedy that by discussing prefix and suffix usages and the different naming techniques throughout the fandom.

Something you should know about me before reading is that I am, primarily, a traditionalist when it comes to naming warriors, with a little bit of lyrical thrown in. Please keep in mind, though, that this guide is based on my opinion and is only meant to be used as such; these are not hard set rules you have to abide by. Reader input is also very important to me, so, if there is anything that you feel does not make sense or should be added, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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