Chapter 1.

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Dear Diary,

Collect new supplies at 9 am, Come home and eat at 10 am, do art for buyers at 11 am finish at 4 pm. watch Tv, fall asleep on the couch... Repeat.

this was my life up until a few months ago. 

It sounds boring and it was but it prevented heartbreak.

And coming out of this bland circle caused Heartbreak.

My name is Y/N Y/L/N and this is my story from start to finish.

6 Months Earlier.

Y/N: I rolled my eyes and placed the phone on speaker as I looked at the blank canvas in front of me my brain completely blocked, even despite being given a reference photo. My mum although for the right reasons at heart was currently bombarding me with what seemed like thousands of questions 'yes, mum I picked up the medication for the scars... yes I promise' 

I sighed and picked up the paintbrush staring at the reference and zoning out.

Theresa: 'Y/N are you listening to me sweetie?' i hummed snapping out of my thoughts.

Y/N: I turned the volume up on my phone slightly 'sorry what did you say Mum' i asked. She houghed and tumbled her phone around for a few moments.

Theresa: 'I said to bring some Bread and Milk to our family meal tonight' i made a mental checklist and said a quiet "ok" to my mum. 'oh yes and Veronica is coming tonight' my eyes widened and several flashbacks skimmed viciously through my brain.

Y/N: 'what do you mean, I thought she was with the peace core in Africa or Cambodia or somthing' she took a deep breath through the speaker making me chuckle at her short patience with her only daughter.

Theresa: 'Yeah the Lodges were in Cambodia the last I heard but then Hermione rang me yesterday saying how she was in town and wanted to see us all' i started sketching on the canvas and sighed.

Y/N: 'Well I'm looking forward to it... I'll bring the Milk and Bread' she went silent which indicated she was nodding... either that or giving the phone a disapproving look. 

Theresa: 'Oh and Y/N' she said in a hurry as though she had just decided to tell me at the last minute.

Y/N: I began the paintwork on the canvas finally becoming inspired 'Yes mother' i said grunting afterwards.

Theresa: 'Be social' i chuckled.

Y/N: 'when am I not mum' i said in a sarcastic voice.

You see people annoy me... especially when it's Veronica Lodge who constantly comes onto you. I mean after the accident I don't want anyone ever again, not even someone as pretty as her.

Theresa: 'okk be here at 6 ill see you then, love you' she hung up the phone meaning I was free to get back to my art. 

Several hours later.

It had reached 5 pm when I was finally finished with the painting and truth be told it was probably the best one I have done in months.

I've never been a necessarily tidy person, which means I had paint basically all over my body as a result meaning I had to get a quick shower before going over to my parent's house.

I made my way through to my bathroom and turned on the shower, then stripped off and got in washing my body all over. 

However, whenever I have been in the shower I have to re-apply the anti-infection cream to my scars so that's a whole ordeal. 

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