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suicidal tendencies/attempt
ed recovery
religious trauma
domestic violence

This book will have heavy content, please carefully read the trigger warnings before diving into this fcked up story.

This is also my first time writing a story. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, just don't be mean please.

If you believe something mentioned is insensitive please message me about it, because I didn't do it intentionally.

All spanish is translated from google translate. If you speak spanish, please let me know if I said something wrong or if something mentioned sounds culturally appropriated.

All arabic is taken from me, I'm arab, but I'll probably still spell things wrong lol. I'll be typing the Arabic in english, because for non-Arabic speakers, you wouldn't be able to understand what I'm saying.

I won't interpret as much arabic as I will spanish, because it's harder for me to explain things in arabic. However, the main language is english - spanish and arabic will be mainly used by the MC's parents or when calling someone a nickname; I promise it'll make more sense later on.

There will be ALOT of swearing, just in case anyone is uncomfortable.

Religious trauma and religious oppression will be a recurring theme throughout this story, I struggle with it myself so please don't find the things said about religion insensitive in any way, I'm just speaking from experience and personal thoughts.

Ry is midsize. They also have stretch marks :) And just a reminder that all body types are beautiful.

If there are any racist/homophobic/transphobic/fatphobic/ableist, or any other harmful comments, I will block you.

start - 9/8/2021
end -

sincerely, yaz.

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