Chapter 11

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As morning rose I opened my eyes. it was that smell again that takes me back to the day it all started. eggs and bacon. I rubbed my eyes and i was about to get dressed, when all of a sudden i saw that there was a shower. I tested to see if it was working and hot water poured all over my face. It was like heaven. I hadn't had a shower in over a week. After i had my shower i went down to have my eggs and bacon breakfast. Everyone was in the same kitchen. "Your all here?" I asked. "Yeah Leighanna invited us over because she felt bad for being upset about her brother. which is stupid because you don't have to be sorry for being upset, its a natural thing." Peck said. I walked over to the front room to see a picture on the wall of leighanna and her brother together. I smiled. "It was my apology to leighanna" peck whispered. "I'm guessing she accepted your apology?" I asked. He didn't answer he just smiled. Everything seemed to be going perfect.

"Where's Harry?" I asked. "He's uncle came to collect him this morning and he said something about harry living with him, but that just means that there's more room for us." Shannon answered. I just ignored the fact that Harry had left us. I just realised that my diary/Zombie count book had gone missing. I sat down and started to eat. There was a knock at the door. "Its me Georgia!" A voice shouted from the other side of the door. Ellie let her in. "Hi guys, I've got some more thing to get you setlle and a list of your jobs." Georgia said. "Thank you Georgia." Megan exclaimed. Georgia smile and walked back out the door. I read the job list.


Ellie, Shannon and Sinead - Cooks

Leighanna, Caitlyn and Peck - Suppliers for houses 17, 23 and 49

Nereece, megan and Sophie - Farming

Alfie, Francesca and Ryan - Hunters

All will be explained later at my house warming party tonight at 8:30pm be there - Kian

I handed the sheet of paper around to everyone. They all seemed fine with it. "When it says hunter... does that mean for animals or killing those disgusting monster things." Francesca asked. "I don't know. Its says it will al be explained tonight so I'm guessing we have to wait.

The time was passing and every one seemed bored. "I guess we should all go and get ready for tonight." Peck said. We all agreed and went to our separate houses to get ready. Its was 8:30 and we were all making our way to Kian's house. He was at the door waiting for us all to come. "Good evening, please take a seat." He said politely. He had many sofas, so we could all fit. "Okay lets start with the cooks. I chose you three because you looked like are skilled in the cooking industry. your shifts will start 9am - 5pm on weekdays. on weekends the other cooks will be there. but don't worry you will have others with you on your 5 days. Now suppliers. Its a very hard job and it consists of lifting heavy things. and i thought you three had the strongest looking bodies. You have to visit your provided house once a day to deliver the supplies as early as you can. Alfie, Francesca and Ryan. I felt like you three are the main three therefore i would like you all to keep the perimeter safe from the roamers. there are 5 others in the community doing this as well so you can all take it in shifts and at least one of you has to be on patrol at all times." Kian said. Everyone was okay with what he said. and we got on with it. it hit midnight and we had all left the party. I got in and went straight to sleep since i have to take first shift tomorrow 7am - 1pm.

I woke up at the crack of dawn to go down to the gates to get out and the was man standing there. I'm guessing he was the person that will be doing it as well. i got my sword at the ready and he got his gun. the gates opened "Yo wait up." the man shouted as i walked out...

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