Chapter 1

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Malarie's POV

"Oh for the love of popsicle sticks hurry up and take the picture." I groan tiredly, waiting for my mom to take her dozen picture. "Okay honey, I'm trying to hurry. Don't be rude." My mom says, giving me that stern mom look- as well as chuckling to herself.

"Well you're going way too slow for my liking... you have crazy butterfingers." I giggled. "Can you blame me? I'm all shaky, because my baby is officially a senior today!" She exclaims through tear filled eyes.

"Oh mom don't cry you're going to make me cry. And plus I'm not you're only child. You have Greg, Jessa, Jaden, Emmy, and Albert." I quickly give her a hug, kissing her cheek.

You see my mom is what you call "very emotional". I don't mind her being this way, it just makes it harder to tell her things. You don't know whether she'll be crying, or going off on you. She's not my real mom, but that doesn't matter, because I love her so very much. She's been the greatest savior, I have ever come to meet. She's truly what I call... a blessing!

Twelve years ago, when my sister Jessa and I were younger, we had gotten into a bad car accident. Along with our real parents. They died on impact, leaving us both in serious conditions, and orphaned. I was just five and Jessa was just eight. We didn't know, if we were going to ever see each other again. We both were on life support, fighting for our lives. For a whole eighteen days. When the hospital finally released us, we had to wait three months to get adopted. By the most wonderful couple ever! The legal portion of being adopted, was even longer. Jessa and I wanted to go home with them so badly, we practically begged on our knees. It was such a tedious process, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

My adoptive parents are, William and Nia Banks. They have three children of their own, and three adopted children. The adoptees consist of my sister Jessa, a little baby boy named Albert, and of course me. They treat us no different from their own children- we all are family. Both of my parents are African American, while me and Jessa are Caucasian. We don't see a problem with that, our love is more important than skin tone. Albert on the other hand is biracial- he is mixed with both Caucasian and African American. At the end of the day they are our parents. And I thank God every day, for choosing them for us.

"But you are my survivor, my special girl. You know I worry about your asthma- how you can have an attack, all because of a little stress. Or your allergies- oh my goodness your allergies. And your vitamins... you need those love." My mom rambles off, getting all worried and worked up.

"Mommy look at me." Chuckling, I grabbed her face. "I will be just fine. I have my inhaler in my backpack, and my EpiPen as well." I assure her, while rubbing her back. "Are you sure baby? Are you positive?" She look into my eyes, worriedly.

"Mom I couldn't be more sure. I love you, and I'm thankful that you care about me. You are truly an angel sent from above." Nothing but honesty laced my words. I love this woman with all my heart. "Alright then baby, get your brother and sister, so we all can take a picture." She exclaims, smiling oh so very widely.


"You two have a good day, I love you... see you after school." Mama calls out to my brother, and I. "Love you too, bye." My brother Jaden and I, jumped out the car. About to walk away... but mom stops us.

"You two better get your narrow behinds back here, and give your mama a kiss goodbye." Mom sternly says cutting off the car engine, waiting patiently.

"Aw ma come on, people are going to see." Jaden whined, walking backwards to the car. "Boy I birth you, you better get over here and give me some love."

"I will give you a kiss mama." I happily walked over to the drivers side of the car. "I love you mom, see you after school." I give my mom a big kiss on the cheek, making a "muah" sound. I even went the extra mile, by hugging her tightly. Through the window.

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