Chapter 8

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I turned my head back around and the dead corpse of Danny was lying there. he looked cold. Leighanna froze. "How dare you!" Leighanna screamed at peck "You just killed my brother, you monster!" Leighanna tried to run over to peck with a knife but Francesca held her back. "Get the hell out of here before I do the same to you!" I said to peck. He stopped and stared at Danny. "No! I didn't ..." peck was shocked, it was as if he didn't realise what he had done. "Leighanna, I'm so sorry. please forgive me!" Leighanna stood shocked again. she turned around and calmly walked off. "Leighanna, wait!" I shouted. "Ahh," Megan screamed. everyone turned their heads including Leighanna. Megan was being chased by about 30 zombies.

Every body ran up to megan trying to save her. "wait stop, their not after you megan!" I said. the zombies walked straight past everyone. "they're heading for Danny's body!" Leighanna yelled unhappily. "sh! They have sensitive hearing and smell. their eye sight is terrible." Caitlyn replied. Leighanna fell to the floor crying as she watched her brothers corpse be destroyed by zombies. "it's going to be fine!We have to get out of here." I whispered. everyone followed including peck " you can stay as long as you don't go near Leighanna! Do you understand me?" Ryan angrily whispered in pecks ear. "Yes, I promise." peck replied. we continued to walk. we walked for about 20 miles and it took us around 17 hours. "Okay guys I'm going to head in this direction, like I said please feel free to come with me." Harry said. "I can't go on anymore, not on the streets anyway. I need to go with him." Leighanna whispered exhaustingly. " were coming with you, all of us. I'm putting my foot down." Sophie heroically whispered. We all headed out to where Harry was leading us for about an hour. "it's getting late we need to sleep." Sinead commanded. "no look were here and I see living people." Harry said. it was on top of a hill, from the outside it looked like a prison, but on the inside it looked like a nice community. we went up to the gates. all of a sudden guns were pointing at us in all directions. "don't do anything stupid!" I mumbled.

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