chapter 22

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"Hi Chris?"

"Oh hi Annabelle"

"So whatcha doing here?"

"oh I;m here cuz im challenging the gym keeper"

"oh really? do you know who it is?"

"Nahh but are you going to stay and watch?"

watch psh! i wont be watching ILL BE PLAYING!

"yeah totally i wouldnt miss it!"


POV Annabelle

OK i was all ready i got warmed up in my black and green Nike shorts and black tank top. When i got out there let's just say Chris was surprised...

so this is how our little conversation

went down...

"You're the champ?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"Well for starters YOUR A CHICK?!?"

"Wow sexist much I mean i could whip your sorry ass from here to Moose jaw (A/N just for fun moose jaw;) "

"Wow such a comeback"

"To what? your a chick? that was an insult well then thank you for stating the obvious!"

"whatver since you're the champ i bet everyone here SUCKS."

"Like fudge they dont!"

"Excuse me but did you just say fudge???"


"OK just weird, come guys we can whip their butts"

I scoffed like he could, I'm the 2011 regional co-ed champ, he's going to have to try pretty hard to beat me.

As the whistle sounded we jumped ,my team got the ball and as soon as they got it they threw it all the way across the court to me where i was all ready running and i got the layup! This is how the game continued, me and my boys stealing left and right, scoring everywhere. in the end we won 66-33 so yea we are pretty legit.

"So Chris how about eating those words huh? what where they again? oh yea YOU JUST GOT WHIPPED!!! SUCKA!!!"

"Now now belle dont be to mean to the loser, wouldnt want him to go tell on you, now would you?..OH WAIT! HE CANT! YOUR THE GYM KEEPER!!!"

Ha trust jimmy to be talking about ownership right now.

"OK now because we have a loser on our hands" my boys laughed "we gotta find a punishment, i mean thats still tradision right???"

I got some chourus of yeas, and sure, and why not

"ok well since it is then i think we should all go to...LAZER QUEST!!! ITS ON HIM!"

everyone was pretty confused at why i wanted lazer quest, well to put it simple Lazer quest is just AWESOME! (to those who dont know what lazer quest is its when you shoot people with lazers...pretty simple huh?) AND NOW ITS GOING TO BE FREE! WHOOOOO sigh i guess i better awnser their questions.

"Well i wanna go to lazer quest because its AWESOME! na danyone who disagrees is a chizznit, plus right now its free!, so heres whos going cause not everyone can or else poor Chris here will be brook and we cant let that happen right? or else he wont be able to take us other places!"

i got some laughs at that last comment but its true! the next time he loses i plan on going to like new york! omg we can do a whole road trip thing! with the boys and we could like find a tournament or something! and you know maybe i could meet up with non-jockie! well i mean i know he moved from new york but maybe we could meet up there, i mean he should know his way around there and and



"what pineapples?"

"Hehe sorry jimmy rambling thoughts in my head so yea we are going to lazer quest with my boys chriss team and some of my friends, Will, Chrsitian and Aaron i guess...

"WAIT! Aaron the jerkface!!!"

"yea.." i said while looking down, jimmy knew everything about Aaron because he was like my big bro at the time so he knew , everything and is probably pissed

"dont worry jim! your can shoot him all you like during lazer quest"

"Darn right i will"


ok so thats like the first time in like 7 months? ok well i have no idea where this story is going any more so i may not upload a lot, cause the last time i uploaded was in jan so i have no idea! and yea sorry!


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