Chapter 1

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"Ugh, where am I?" You ask yourself. You wake up in the middle of the forest wearing brown combat boots, a brown leather jacket, a white blouse and some light colored skinny jeans.

"Who's there?" You ask hearing a voice.

Silence. You look up at the Moon for some reason.

"So your name is Manny?" You say towards the Moon.


"What do you mean I'm destined for greatness?"


"Wait come back!" You yell. "Great, all I know is that I died, come back to be some sort of spirit destined for greatness and I'm talking to the Moon. Where am I anyways?" You ask yourself.

You start walking when you come across a clearing with the Moon shining brightly on the most beauitful willow tree. You sit down under it and start to rub your fingers through the grass when the snow melts and a flower pops up. You jump up in shock.

"Okay this is weird, but I want to experiment." You say with a smirk. You start thinking of light shining on you and the moon shines brighter. Then you think of flowers and they appear at your feet. You then felt a cold breeze. 

"Ugh I wish this wind would stop." You say. Then suddenly the wind stops.

" up?" You ask out loud. Then suddenly your in the air. 

"WHOA WHOA! Steay now." You yell and you are above the forest and balanced in the air.

"Wow." You say in atonishment when you see the view.

"Okay set me down carefully wind." You ask the wind and you started gliding down and finally land back down on the ground. 

"Wow, I could used to this you say." You say. Suddenly you see the North Lights and you are interested.

" take to the source of those lights." You say. You don't know why you want to go to the source, but you have a feeling that you should. In no time your at the North Pole and you see a big workshop. you fly through the open window. You stood there shocked. Yetis every where and little elve's dancing and playing around. Then you hear a big thick russian accent scare you.

"Who are you?" The tall man asks.

"Um, I'm (y/n) and a man named Manny says that I'm a new spirit." You tell him. You son't know why, but you feel like you can trust him.

"Man in Moon told you that, well Welcome to make workshop I'm known as Santa Claus, but please call me North." North says. When a feather covered lady appears behind you along with a short golden man.

"Oh my goodness you look so beauitful and your Teeth, AHHHHH you floss." She screams and put her fingers in my mouth.

"Tooth finger out of mouth." North says.

"Oh sorry I'm the Tooth Fairy and this is Sandman." Tooth says.

"I'm (y/n) and I can't believe what I'm seeing right now." You say feeling a cold breeze hit your face. suddenly a boy about your age walks in with a hooked staff wearing a blue sweatshirt and some torn brown pants.

"Who's she?" The boy asks North.

"This is (y/n) she is a new spirit." North exclaims. Thats when a giant kangaroo come in.


"Who's the kangaroo?" You smirk.

"I like her." The boy says to North.

"I'm a Bunny, the Easter Bunny." Bunny says getting up close and personal.

"Well I'm (y/n) and I'm actually not sure why I'm here so back off Bunny." You say pushing him out of your face but a flash of light flings him across the room.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I'm really new at this 'power' thing." You say running to him.

"Scratch that. I really like her now." The boy says laughing his head off.

"Come on Jack quit it." Tooth says. 

"Yea Frosty, shut it." The Bunny sais looking annonyed.

"Okay let me get this straight..." You start off helping the Bunny up.

"I'm standing in a room with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy and a boy named Jack and let me guess Jack is Jack Frost." You say.

"That is correct and how did you know Jack's last name when we haven't introduced him yet?" North exclaims. 

"Well first Tooth here said his name and the kangaroo here said frosty. Put two and two together he is Jack Frost and when he laughed it started to snow above him." You say. Now everyone is just staring at you in amazment.

"What? Hey wait why is the Moon shining on the 'G' there." You pint at the 'G' tht your standing on.

"Oh my word, we are getting a new guardian. Come come (y/n) you must watch." North yells.

Everyone is surrounding the pedestal and are hoping for familair myths and legends like the groundhog or cupid. The Moon shines bright and Everyone now is staring at you.

"Wait hold on, what does this mean?" You ask.

"It means you are a new guardian." North yells in excitment. Everyone starts to clap except Jack, he stands there in atonishment. Elves are playing instruments, and the yetis pick you up.

"Will you (y/n) protect.." north was cut off by you.

"STOP!" You yell letting a bright light shine off you. The yeti drops you. And once again stares fill the room.

"What makes you think I want to be this 'Guardian'? All I know is that I have this power and the moon told me that I was 'destined' for greatest." You say. You start to get annoyed. 

"Now look sheila clam down." The Bunny said.

"NO! I'm calming down. I need answers. Actucal no I'm leaving. WIND TAKE ME BACK TO THE FOREST!" You yell. You fly out the window.

Jack's POV

"Did you see what just happend. First she pushes Bunny to the other side of the room with bright light, then does it again to stop the cermony and she can control the wind like Jack!" Tooth exclaims. I'm a little shocked myself.

"North you don't think that she is you know..." Tooth strays off.

"She's what?" I ask.

"Manny's daughter." North says.

"What! Manny had a daughter." I exclaim.

"I thought that was a myth." Bunny exclaimed.

"We have to find her. Pitch will for sure want to take her powers if he finds out about her." North say.

"I'll go find her." I say.

"Jack be careful." North says.

"Wind follow (y/n)." I say, suddenly taking off in (y/n)'s direction.


So what do you think should I continue?

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