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A couple of months later, Klaus and Anna were on Klaus' balcony, painting on their own canvases while enjoying each others company in silence. Klaus has shown Anna all of his paintings and she had become so interested that he gave her lessons. Anna was a quick learner and was currently painting a portrait for her 11 year old niece, Hope. Hope had been at the Salvatore School For The Young And Gifted for the past few months but was finally coming home for her summer break. Klaus was adding the finishing touches to his painting whilst Anna admired his masterpiece from her stool. She couldn't quite tell what it was supposed to be, but she didn't really care. She was happy. And that wasn't a feeling she was familiar with.
Down on the street, a car was parking next to the compound. Hayley emerged from the front seat while young Hope Mikaelson came out the back, cluching her rucksack and books. Hayley and Hope held hands as they walked into the house.
"Are you ready to meet your niece?" Klaus placed his paint brush down on the easel and turned to look at his sister.
"Most definitely." She replied, her heart racing and her eyes beaming.

Downstairs, Hope was reuniting with her aunts and uncles. Mid-hug with Kol, Hope looked to the top of the staircase and smiled.
"Dad!" She shouted and ran across the courtyard. Klaus ran down the stairs and picked up his daughter, hugging her tight. He held her close for several moments before putting her back down on the ground and kneeling in front of her.
"Hope, love," he started. "There's someone I want you to meet."
Anna was slowly walking down the stairs, staring in awe at her niece. Hope lost eye contact with her father and looked up towards her aunt. Klaus turned round too. "This is your aunt Anna." She had made it to the bottom of the stairs and Hope started walking towards her too. Anna crouched down infront of her. She held out her hand.
"Hello, Darling. I'm Anna. I've heard alot about you." Hope ignored Annas attempt to shake her hand and sprang forward, hugging her aunt.
"Welcome to the family." Hope whispered in her ear. Anna smiled widely, holding her niece tightly in her arms while the rest of the family watched. It was a moment of elysian. Blessed, delight, heavenly. Simply, paradise.

Authors note
Hello everyone! This is quite a short chapter, yet a heart warming one too. I really enjoy writing this story and am so glad you all like it as much as i do. I wanted to let you know that I have a new fan fic out called "Waiting." A story about Stefan Salvatore and his epic love that I am so proud of. If you enjoy this story, I recommend you read Waiting too. Chapter 3 will be posted soon.

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