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Davina and Anna opened their eyes but Freyas remained shut. She was just standing there, still picturing. She could see a face. The face of her sister. Her eyes opened and she gasped. Her eyes met Annas.
"You. It's you." Anna smiled. Rebekah, Elijah and Kol slowly got up to their knees. Everyone was staring at her.
"Finally, you figured it out." Her sweet, american voice was all an act. Her real voice was sharp and british just like her siblings.
"We should've known." Rebekah said, getting to her feet. "She looks like Esther. But with Klaus' eyes." Everyone stood there in shock. Freya took a few steps forward, still breathing heavily. She held eye contact with Anna.
"Our sister." She said as she cupped her hand on Annas cheek. She laughed with relief. Anna smiled at her sweetly. But then she grabbed her wrist and pulled it behind her before pushing Freya to the floor. Elijah vamp-speeded to Freyas aid but Anna stopped him, grabbing his neck and throwing him to the other side of the room. Davina ran out of the room, frightened. Kol and Rebekah sprang forwards but Anna took both of Rebekahs hands and twisted them all the way round before lifting her up and throwing her at Kol, pushing them both to the other side of the room. Freya was still in agony on the floor. Anna dusted her hands on her top, getting dust on the blue fabric. They all got up, groaning in pain.
"What do you want from us?" mumbled Freya.
"Oh I want nothing from you. But there may be something you want from me." They all looked at her, confused. Then their eyes flickered over to the door. Anna looked at them all before turning round to see for herself. It was Klaus.
"Leave this house." He demanded. Anna just laughed at him.
"What a lovely greeting!" She exlaimed.
"We'll change the owner of this house, you wont be invited in anymore." Kol said as he cracked his neck.
"You guys don't understand do you? I'm not a vampire. I'm a better than one. I took out all 4 of you without even using my magic."
They all stood in silence.
"Is Anna even your real name?" Davina asked. She was hovering behind Klaus.
"Well, my real name is Aliana but i go by Anna so yes it is." She replied sarcastically.
"What did you mean by we want something for you?" Freya said. She was now shivering. Anna smiled and looked at them all.
"I can help you get Marcel back." Shocked, the Mikaelson siblings and Davina stood there.
Their friend Marcel disappeared a few months ago and none of them had heard a thing from him since.
"Where is he?" Klaus snapped.
"Oh I cant tell you that."
"You can and you will-" Klaus ran forward but Anna held out her hand and he went flying back, slamming against the wall.
"Well?" She asked. "Do you want my help or not?"

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