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"Where is he?" Klaus snapped.
"Oh I can't tell you that."
"You can and you will-" Klaus ran forward but Anna held out her hand and he went flying back, slamming against the wall.
"Well?" She asked. "Do you want my help or not?" The siblings sighed and looked at each other.
"Fine, we'll-"
"Elijah no!" Klaus interrupted. He was desperate to not make an alliance with his sister.
"Niklaus, we have no choice. We need to find Marcel."
"He's right, Nik. Freya and Davina have been looking for him since he left but there' been no sign of him. What if Aliana is our only chance?" Klaus snorted an agree at Rebekahs remark. He wasn't happy about it but he knew they were right.
"First of all, my name is Anna, to you. Second of all, great. You've learned not to poke the bear." She lowered her hand and Klaus fell to the floor. "Tomorrow at 9. I'll be here." Anna said. "And remember, I dont need invited in." She looked at her siblings one last time before whooshing out the room.

The next day, Klaus was set to start working with his new sister. Although he despised her, he knew he had to do this for Marcel and for his family. He had fought for hours last night with his siblings about how instead of solving mysteries with Aliana, he would rather be sipping a bourbon or reading a book. But of course, he lost. He was forced to talk to her about Marcel. As he walked down the stairs to the door, he noticed Anna was already sitting on one of the sofas, reading a book named Mansfield park and sipping a glass filled with bourbon from Klaus' cabinet.
"Aren't you a bit young to be drinking?" He asked her.
"Aren't you a bit old to be judging?" Klaus scoffed mockingly.
"What are you doing here anyway. You're not supposed to be here till 9."
"Thought we might need a headstart. And it's only quarter to. Is arriving 15 minutes early such a crime?" She replied without taking her eyes of the page.
"It is when you're unwanted." Klaus spat back. Anna looked at Klaus and dropped her jaw dramatically.
"I take offence." She said, trying to be sarcastic. Klaus sighed. Anna stood up, placing the book and her glass on the table and whooshed towards the door.
"Well," She shouted back. "Are you coming or not?" Klaus sighed before whooshing after her.

As they entered the street of busy and crowded New Orleans, the two unlikely of siblings stopped vamp-speeding and simply walked quietly side by side.
"So where are you taking me?" Klaus asked as he watched one of the street performers playing a clarinet from across the road as they walked.
"Marcels apartment. There's his objects there, maybe some of his blood. I can do a locater spell." Klaus looked at her in disappointment.
"Are you serious? Freya's done a locater spell almost twice a day since he went missing. There's no way yours will be any different."
"Niky, Do you mind me calling you Niky? Anyway, we're looking for someone who either doesn't want to be found or is being held by someone who doesn't want him to be found. And after 1000 years of being said person who didn't want to be found, I know how to hide." Klaus sighed.
"Well, Ali-"
"Don't. You can call me whatever you like. Just not Ali." Klaus stared at her in confusion but she continued to look where she was walking. He shook his head and let it go.
"Ok fine, Anna. Why didnt you want to be found for 1000 years?" Anna stayed silent. "You dont even have a reason. Fantastic."
"We're here." Anna said as they got to the front door of Marcels apartment building. She went in the front door quickly as Klaus stood outside. He noticed something was wrong with her. But he didn't know what. And he didnt want to know.

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