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Klaus dropped his mother onto the floor. The chains around her feet echoing the room was the only noise that was heard apart from Esthers evil laugh. The Mikaelson siblings were confused.
"Mother, what do you mean?" Freya asked her mother. Esther looked up at her children and smiled.
"Do you mean Finn?" Kol pipes up.
"No. Not Finn. Oh I did like Finn. He was the only one of you who actually respected me. No, I had another child after you lot." She replies. Everyone looked at each other, except for Klaus. His eyes were glued furiously onto his mother.
"Do you mean Henrik?" Elijah says curiously. Esther laughed again.
"No my darlings. Not Henrik."
"You're saying that we have another sibling?" Rebekah asks, raising her voice. Klaus walks away from Esther in confusion and faces the back wall of the chamber.
"No, no. It's not possible. If we had another sibling, I would know. I tracked you all down. I would've tracked them down too." Freya says, trying to make some sense into this ridiculous theory.
"Not if they didn't want to be found." Esther says in a low but heard voice.
"Well what then, Mother? None of us believe you so why not out with it?" Rebekah screams. Her temper is almost as bad as Klaus'. Esther laughs at her. At all her children.
"You fools really think im going to tell you without giving me a little something? I already gave you what you wanted about the knife. If you want this too, i'm going to need a little something in return."
"How about a piece of my mind?" says Rebekah, vamp-speeding towards her. Elijah grabs her before she gets to Esther. Rebekah looks at him furiously.
"Niklaus, go get another blood bag for our retched mother." Elijah says, still holding on to Rebekah. Klaus turns around and leaves without saying a thing to his mother or his siblings.
"If we find out your lying mother about all this, trust me I will-" Elijah starts before Esther cuts in.
"Trust me, my darlings. I'm not lying about this."

A matter of time had past before Klaus had returned with the blood bag. He came back in the chamber, which was in silence, and threw the bag of food before their mother. She picked it up and drank half of it like Elijah said. They all stood and watched her quietly as she fed. What else could they do?
"Now," She starts as she puts the half-empty blood bag down beside her. "I shall tell you about your long lost sibling." All of the Mikaelsons looked at her in disbelief as she started the tale right after Rebekah was born.
"I got pregnant again but I didn't tell anyone. Mikael was away on some hunting trip with you two and Finn." She said pointing at Klaus and Elijah. "You two," this time she was pointing at Kol and Rebekah, "were too young to realise I was with child so no-one knew about the pregnancy but me. I stayed far away from other people in the village so they wouldn't know. Using the excuse of a new mother, they let me off. Kol, you ran my errands, getting water, picking berries." They were all still looking at her, except for Klaus who was staring into the filthy wall again.
"When I had to give birth, I had to do it in secret. Everyone thought the crying baby was Rebekah. Then I sent the baby away the day before Mikael came back with you lot."
"But why? Why hide a baby?" Freya asked her.
"Because Mikael would know. He would know it wasn't his baby." Everyone froze. Klaus turned back around to look at his mother. The room was still.
"The baby wasn't Mikaels?" asked Kol. Esther smiled at them then looked Klaus in the eyes. He was staring back at her, his eyes full of hate.
"No," she said, still staring at Klaus. "It was Ansels." They all stopped and turned to Klaus. Although he was still looking at his mother, his eyes filled with tears.
"I sent the baby to live with Ansel. I knew Mikael treated Klaus differently and I didn't want that for my new baby daughter." Everyone turned back to her.
"A girl?" Elijah says.
"I have a sister? A full sister?" Klaus says, tears dribbling down his cheek.
"Thats right, Niklaus." Esther says. "You're not the only bastard in this family."

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