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"I hate good nights."


"They feel like goodbyes."

― Someday 

Publishing In Her Words has made me braver, far more than I thought I could be. I'm not slaying dragons or running after girls who decide to flee every single time she doubts herself (*coughs* Trueth *coughs*), but I'm finally allowing others to open the pages of books that once only existed in my head

I did something I love, something different, something I'm proud of.

So in honor of 5k reads for In Her Words,  I decided to write a narrative that doesn't start with fireworks going off in each other's eyes, head cheerleaders parting a sea of student-filled hallways or the school nerd falling for the bad boy― not that anything's wrong with them.

This will just be different, very different. 

I'm not sure if that's a hook, but that's the truth. You'll realize as the chapters progress just HOW different it really is. This will be another first POV narration (by only one of the protagonists) of 30 days that shaped 30 years.

I'll have to cut my note short as I can only reveal so much, but I hope you'll keep reading, voting and commenting. My words are limited and imperfect, but they are written with love, (and tons of coffee, pizza and no sleep) and they are for you.

Thank you!

P.S. We just got #26 on short story. *sniffs*

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