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One minute we were in our studio with Julie, next thing I know we're standing in front of the gigantic mansion that was on the computer screen. "Come on, let's go," Luke says as he leads the way in. As we make our way inside, our group separates, our eyes each being drawn to a different record hanging on the large walls of the house.

"Have you seen these platinum records?" Alex calls out to us. This causes Reggie and I both to turn and take a double-take. "Platinum?" Reggie and I ask in unison. Before we get the chance to walk over to Alex and get a better look, our attention is drawn to Luke's voice. "He recorded "My Name Is Luke!" My name is Luke!" Luke said angrily.

Suddenly, an older looking Bobby walks into the room. "It's him!" Reggie points as we all begin to follow the traitor up the stairs. "Time for his past to haunt him." Luke says as we stay close behind. "Wait!" Alex stops us. We all turn to him with confused looks. "Let's not rush this. You know, it's my... It's my first time haunting someone. I wanna make it special." He says shyly. "I will slap you..." I roll my eyes and continue up the stairs.

Bobby finally comes to a stop in his meditation room. "Now what?" Reggie asks as we all stand there, watching him. Without saying a word, Luke walks up to Bobby and gives him a nice wet willy, just like he used to do all the time. It would annoy the crap out of Bobby. "Ohm... Ew!" Bobby reaches for his ear. After rubbing it for a few seconds, he gives up and returns to meditating.

"Ooooh my turn!" Reggie says excitedly. The bass player walks over to the candles that are set up across from where Bobby is meditating. He begins to blow them out causing Bobby to once again stop meditating and look up at the candles in confusion. "I'll do you one better." Alex says walking over to the CD player and switches the meditation music to rock music. Bobby walks towards the player and turns it off. "Do it again! Quick!" I say laughing. As Bobby is walking away, Alex starts the music up again. Bobby once again walks up to the CD player, this time unplugging it completely.

"Hey where's Luke?" Reggie asks. Before any of us could answer, we all turn our heads at the sound of the shower water running from the bathroom. We make our way into the bathroom just as Bobby walked in. "Carrie?" The man asks, hiding around the corner of the bathroom. Once he realizes there's nobody in there he shuts the water off.

I notice the fog from the shower sticking itself to the mirror and came up with an idea. "Guys, watch this." I say as I walk towards the mirror and begin to spell out the words "Hello Bobby," with my finger. Now Bobby is completely spooked and makes a run for the door, only to run into it and hit his head. On the other side of the door, the boys are stopping Bobby from leaving the bathroom. After yelling a bit, Bobby pushes through and we are all stood there laughing at him.

We quickly follow him as he runs out of the house and onto his helicopter. I walk ahead of the boys and watch the helicopter fly away. "Well that was fu- oh my god." I turn to face the boys only to be met with three pairs of butt cheeks. Gross! I quickly cover my eyes. "Pull up your pants you idiots!" I cry as I try to do everything in my power to get rid of that horrible image.

Once I hear the sounds of zippers, I let out a sigh of relief to once again see the boys fully clothed. "Did you like what you saw?" Reggie winked as he teased me. This caused Luke to give him a light slap on the chest and Alex to roll his eyes. "You guys are idiots." I jokingly say.

As Alex opens his mouth to respond, Julie walks outside. "So did you guys have fun in there?" Julie asks with a annoyed tone. "Yes." Reggie says proudly. "Absolutely." I high five Reggie. "Oh wait... that was a rhetorical question?" Reggie says, causing me to laugh, while everyone else around us just stared at us like we were crazy.

"Uh... anyways, please don't forget about the dance tonight, a ton of people are gonna be there." Julie reminds us, full of obvious nervousness. "Relax, we'll be there, we're just gonna pay a visit to Alex's friend." Luke puts his hands up in defense.

"If we're gonna do this, we're better off going now so that we still have time to get ready for the dance." I pitched in to the conversation. "Um... no. The boys are going, but you're coming with me." Julie laughs. "We're getting ready together." She smiles. With that, the boys say their goodbyes and poof away.

"You know nobody is gonna see me right?" I raise my brow, wondering what she's up to. "There's one person who will definitely see you, so let's make him regret passing up his chance with you." She sends me a mischievous wink. "Uh oh..." I have a feeling this isn't going to end well.

i'm sorry if this chapter was a little boring! Also I'm working on a new luke story so that's exciting!

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