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I was stood in my place for a few minutes before I finally made a move. What the hell just happened? I needed to go to someone, anyone. There was one person I knew I could talk to and feel safe with. I poofed out of the studio.

"Kelsey!" Julie jumps back in shock as I appear in her bedroom. I stand there silently looking at the wooden floor. "Kelsey, is everything ok?" Julie walks closer to me and notices my teary eyes. "Oh my gosh, what happened?" The girl waves over for me to sit on her bed.

"L- Luke... he... he..." I began, but once I started the tears came flooding through again. "Hey, deep breaths." Julie tries to place her hand on my shoulder, but it just goes right through, giving me a weird feeling.

"Sorry, but seriously Kelsey, just focus on calming down and then we can talk." She looks at me with eyes full of sorrow. I take a deep breath and finally begin to explain everything that had happened.

"Wait wait... he kissed you, but then he ran off or well poofed off or whatever you get the point." She processes her thoughts out loud. "Yeah, I just don't understand Julie, it feels like he's playing with my emotions." I sigh feeling like a complete joke.

Julie notices my lack of confidence and attempts to reassure me. "I'm no expert, believe me, but I think Luke might be trying to figure out his feelings? But from what I can tell, he likes you, like a lot." The young girl says.

"After what he did back there, it's crystal clear what his feelings are." My hurt suddenly became replaced with anger. "I spent years falling for this boy and all for him to constantly play with my feelings." I stood up, but Julie gave me a look of concern.

"Wait, Kelsey, I think you're confused." Julie tries to stop me, but I don't let her get to me. "No Jules, I think I finally figured it out. I need to get over Luke and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Thank you for being there for me, I'm sorry for barging in." I turn to her and give her a soft smile.

"Anytime Kels, but seriously think this through. You can't just force yourself to stop feeling what you feel for Luke." She makes a point. "I need to try, my feelings for him have caused me nothing but pain. It's time I finally get over it." And with that I poof out of the garage.

I woke up the next morning feeling great, until I remembered the events of last night. I looked around the studio to discover it was empty. I walked over to the pile of clothes in the corner and began to search for something to wear. I pushed past every sleeveless tee, knowing very well who they belonged to. I finally came across one of Alex's shirts and put it on.

As I finished getting dressed, I heard the poof of the three bandmates. "Morning sunshine," Alex joked. "Hey." I smiled brightly at him, ignoring the longing eyes of the shaggy brown haired boy next to him. "So what's the plan for today guys?" Reggie asks excitedly.

"I'm not sure what plans you guys have, but I have plans of my own for today so I hope you guys have fun!" I give Reggie a grin. "Where are you going?" Alex asks curiously, beginning to notice the avoiding looks and the way too quiet Luke. "Just hanging with Tyler. He actually writes music too and wanted to show me something he's been working on." I say, genuinely excited to hang out with Tyler.

This caused Luke to finally speak up. "You're always hanging out with him." That comment caused me to make eye contact with him. "And? I can do whatever I want. I'm a ghost for one, two Tyler is a good friend who wouldn't hurt me, and three you aren't my brother or boyfriend so you have no input here." I spoke confidently, meanwhile on the inside I was a nervous mess.

Reggie and Alex had at this point caught onto the tension that was filling the garage. "Ok, what the hell is going on?" Alex asked, frustrated that the people he cared about the most were upset with each other. "Why don't you ask Luke, he's the one who made a "mistake." I spoke bitterly.

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