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I feel like I'm falling until I suddenly open my eyes. I take in my surroundings and I instantly recognize the studio. There were a few things different. Jeez, I don't come by for a few days and they decide to turn into interior decorators. I suddenly remember everything that's happened in the past 24 hours. It was all a nightmare, I breathe a sigh of relief. I need to find the guys.

I begin to climb down the ladder, I hear the piano. Who's playing my piano? I look around and see a young girl playing the piano and singing. Wait. That's not my piano... And who is that? The girl singing has a beautiful voice, but she's also crying?

"Wake up, wake up if it's all you do." She sings. I can't help but to watch her in awe. She looks a little younger than me. She keeps singing through her tears. Ugh, I don't even know her, yet I want to hug her. I keep watching until I see three guys poof behind her. My eyes widen at the boys and how they just did that.

I make eye contact with Luke, who softly nudges Alex's arm, not breaking eye contact with me. The three boys are now staring at me, Reggie smiling and waving at me. Alex nods towards the studio door and suddenly the three boys are gone as quick as the they came.

I don't know how, but I somehow poofed outside of the studio and was greeted by a group hug with the boys. "We thought we would never see you again!" Alex is on the verge of tears. They all pull back from the hug.

"Wait, so it wasn't all just a terrible nightmare?" The fear in my voice evident. Luke looks down, while Reggie gives me an apologetic smile. "Oh my god, we died." Those last two words replaying on a loop in my head.

"We just got here last night, but you weren't anywhere to be found, we thought you were gone forever." Alex tells me. I look at the three of them. "What happened? Who is that singing in our studio?" I spit out all these questions I have.

"Oh! That's Julie, she's really nice, plus she thinks we're cute!" Reggie smiles proudly. I let out a small laugh, even in the worst of times, Reggie never fails to lighten up the mood.

"It's been twenty five years Kels." Luke begins to explain. "TWENTY FIVE YEARS?" I shout. "Shhh, Julie might hear you, and then she'll know we were eavesdropping." Reggie states.

"Speaking of Julie, she could really use a hug right now, I'm going to go back in there and-" Alex starts, preparing to poof back into the studio. Luke quickly grabs his arm. "Bro, a ghost hug isn't the feel good moment that you think it is. All right?" Luke explains to Alex. The only person he's hugged while a ghost is me... what's that supposed to mean? He continues, "Trust me. What Julie needs right now is just a bit of privacy."

"You know what? I think you don't want to go back in there because you can't handle when people cry." Alex argues. I would disagree, but I'm still overthinking that whole ghost hug comment to insert myself into this little argument.

Alex goes on to say, "I should know. I cried in a room for 25 years, and I didn't get a single hug from any of you." Alex points to all three of us looking hurt. "All right. Bring it in." Reggie a starts to open his arms to give Alex a hug. "Don't touch me!" Alex stops him by putting his hand up. "This is why no one hugs you." I put my hands up in defeat, while Reggie nods his head in agreement to my comment.

Looking confused by Alex's little outburst, Luke continues to explain his plan. "Ok. I think the first thing we should do, once we get the courage to go in there, is ask Julie... why she lied about playing the piano." I was confused. They had only just gotten there the day before me, so how much could've happened? "Yeah, you know, maybe tell her how amazing she is." Alex states sarcastically. I really need to be caught up on everything I missed. "She's legit. I got ghost bumps." Reggie says showing us his arm. I hold in my laugh, not wanting to make Alex more annoyed than he already is.

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