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"One, two, three."

I hear the beat begin from a distance.

"Straight off the plane to a new hotel."

As I walk closer the words become clearer and I begin to recognize the song.

"Just touched down, you could never tell."

I smile upon hearing Reggie's familiar voice.

"A big house party with a crowded kitchen."

I finally reach my destination. I look up at the beaming lights above me, the word "Orpheum" in bright blue letters.

"People talk shh but we don't listen."

Walking in, I had the biggest smile on my face as I see my best friends on the stage, singing their hearts out. Singing their hearts out to our song, I thought.

"Midnight memories.. oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

I make eye contact with the green eyed lead singer, who sends a wink my way as he sings the next line.

"Baby, you and me, stumblin' in the street"

I feel my cheeks grow hot, looking down at my feet before anyone can see how red I really am. Once I finally look back up, the shaggy haired boy finally looked away and kept singing with the most beautiful smile on his face. I let out a breath as I feel the embarrassment wash away from my face and begin to bop my head to the music.

The song comes to an end, the staff and I clap for the boys, who are all cheerful and sweaty. The blonde boy on the drums finally notices me and shouts into his mic, "Hey Kels!" This gains the attention of the rest of the guys and they all wave at me. I smile at my brother and wave back.

"Ok boys, last song for rehearsal and then it's time for the real thing." Luke says as he turns from the guys and back to his mic.

I hear the beginning of Now or Never, start to play. But while the boys are singing the chorus, all I think about is the boy up front, I've never seen someone as happy as Luke is when he's on that stage playing his music.

I can't help but smile when thinking about how some of my happiest memories have come from my best friend up on stage. I've known Luke for years, I had met him and Reggie because of Alex when we were younger. I just recently met Bobby, something about him is a little off, but nonetheless he's a nice guy.

The guys had formed the band just a few years ago, and I've been their number one supporter since day one. They had tried so many times to get me to join, but I have the absolute worst fear of being on stage. So, I just stick to being a co-writer on their songs. Spending countless hours writing songs with Luke.

I didn't realize how lost in thought I was until I felt an arm swing around my shoulder. The guys had finished their set and were now in front of me. I quickly slap off Reggie's sweaty arm, "Ew! Do not touch me, you're all gross and sweaty." I cringed while they all laughed.

"Why'd you get here so late?" Alex asked. Oh shit. I had been with my boyfriend and didn't realize the time. "Oh... uh..." I began, but before i could finish, Luke rolled his eyes, "She was with Michaellll." He mocked and started to laugh. I felt my cheeks grow hot again, god this is embarrassing.

Alex stops Luke's laughter by slapping him on the arm. "Ow!" Luke starts to complain, but we all tune him out. "Kels, you know how I feel-" Alex starts. Ugh, I know where this is going. "I know I know, you hate my boyfriend, but I'm happy Alex, so please just be happy for me." I weakly fight. I know Alex is just playing his role of the protective older brother, but I just don't understand why he hates Michael this much.

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