01 | All over again

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Anastasija Martinez

The alarm went off but there was no use, I haven't slept all night long.

I got up and took my hair out of the bun. I picked out my clothes for the day and made my way over to the shower.

The cold water ran down my body, reminding me of the same cold shiver that ran down my spine just yesterday.

I got out and glanced at myself, looking at my swollen eyes and my puffy face. I put on some makeup hoping it would help before putting on my clothes.

I eventually got to the station and parked in the garage, I made my way into my office and put my bag down when I noticed a note on my desk.
"Come to my office- Elijah"

I let out a sigh and made my way over to his office, I bet it's another fucking mission.

"Why hello, Martinez" he smiled while laying back on his chair

"Hey Elijah" I replied
"How are you today?" he asked
"I'm fine, what about you?"
"I'm good, I hope you're ready for your mission because this one isn't easy."
I nodded, the bitch couldn't even wait a day after what happened to give me another mission.

"Rafael Mancini. he's 29 years old. He's the Don of the Camorra's. we've sent multiple agents but none could get through him. He has an insurance company that he uses for his money laundering."

"And what am I supposed to do?" I asked

"You're going undercover, a beautiful girl, Mariana  Alveraz whos interested in him, find everything about him, let him give everything to you. we need to destroy him."

he paused before talking again, "Today at 8 pm, there's a ball, and you are going to be attending. A car will come and pick you up at 7:30"

"okay-" I replied before he cut me off,
"I forgot to mention, he owns a college, and I've already enrolled you in it as a transfer student from Canada, and in three months you'll graduate. after that, the rest is on YOU. I've sent you a document filled with everything about you, including what would show up if a background check is ran"

"I won't disappoint you," I reassured him as I got up, making my way back to my office. I sat down on my chair and laid back, my leg bouncing up and down.

Henry walked in placing a cup of coffee in front of me "You okay?"

I looked up at him, his eyes filled with pity. "I'll be fine" I shrugged, taking a sip of coffee.
"Do you need anything?" He asked as he gave me a smile
"No I'm okay" I replied, he gave me a nod before leaving my office.

I worked on some documents then read everything about Mariana Alvarez, making sure I know exactly what role to play.

I gathered my papers and picked my bag up before making my way out of my office.

I waved goodbye to my colleagues, including Henry.

I got home and parked my car and made my way over to the door and got in, closing it behind me.

I walked upstairs to my room and took my blazer off, throwing it to the chair as I walked over to the closet, picking out one of my gowns "I've never used you before" I whispered as I laid it down on the bed.

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