Wattpad Petitions Are Dumb

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Like always at 7 am after staying up all night playing the Sims after not touching it for months, I got the idea for this rant and after further thinking and research, decided to do it.

Petitions on Change.org are an interesting can of "activism". A lot of times they're pointless, something happens, injustice for example, someone runs and creates a petition for it as if getting 50 thousand people to click a button on a website will have much of an effect on an old fart of a judge who only uses the internet for Facebook and pornhub's decision about a case.

Or the one I saw to change the whole ass name of a university because of their racist history because 75k signatures or whatever the fuck online will totally make them up and change the name all of the sudden. Maybe I'm wrong but never have I ever heard of a Change.org petition creating serious change on social issues or even other issues, at least not for large countries like America.

But petitions about those topics is for another day as today is to talk about what the title says, Wattpad petitions. They don't appear often but every few months I see a link to one pop up on Wattpad. Currently, there's about 190 something when you search, here's a few of them for example.

Most are dead (which we'll get to in a sec) but there's tons of petitions for things like this when it comes to Wattpad

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Most are dead (which we'll get to in a sec) but there's tons of petitions for things like this when it comes to Wattpad. I've also been asked, why don't I create a petition to get Wattpad's attention for issues like the DDLG predators, and I can't help but laugh.

Cute little idea.

It should go without saying asking 100 or even 500 people to sign a petition is a waste of time, you waste time signing one and you waste time making one. A few hundred users is nothing to wattpad, they probably gain 100 users in a day. Wattpad has 90 million users and counting, and those people add up to 15 billion minutes of use for the platform each month for Wattpad, what exactly is your 500 signature petition to stop changes going to do? 

Companies make choices based upon the mass majority of users and their feedback, not a certain group of users. If you want change for Wattpad, you'd need probably at least 100k signatures, which wouldn't happen because although most of us can agree Wattpad is a shitshow with issues, most still don't care enough to try and do anything for many reasons and I don't blame them. I can shit-talk wattpad all day on here but that's about all I can do.

Before I started this book I really wanted to do something about Wattpad as well, I researched and talked to others who had already planned movements and ditched them and yeah I quickly realized just how big Wattpad was.

Going back to petitions being dead, people see this shit doesn't work, the most recent ones aside from the one I'm about to talk about, are around 10 months old or older.

 But, one that is still active is this one:

The petition to get TheOfficialHolyWater verified on wattpad

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The petition to get TheOfficialHolyWater verified on wattpad. Most of you probably know who Holy Water is, they now have around 237k followers. I remember when this petition first popped up, I'm too lazy to go back and check the date but if my poor memory serves me right it was over a year ago. maybe two, it's been around for a hot minute. Holy Water also has a link to the petition in their bio. 

Anyway, no offense Holy Water on the extremely rare chance you see this but I doubt it'd ever happen.

Why you ask? You have to logically think about what the account is. It's a meme, it's a joke, why would wattpad verify a joke account? Wattpad is a platform for reading and writing, an account people tag in comments or post on the message board of when they read smut or something fucked does nothing for wattpad.

There's no books or any real opportunity and being popular means nothing if you're not an author, there's no person in the history of this shithole to be verified for any other reason than them being a famous author or some sort of Wattpad team member.

So although it'd be cooky and cool for wattpad to verify Holy Water, it's not going to happen, at least not unless the account gets an absurd amount of followers or something.

So as much as I don't wanna tell people to give up (I kinda do who am I kidding?), like I've said, you have to consider the volume that is needed for change and if that change is logical.

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