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Out of the 4 years I've been on Wattpad, one of the many things I still don't understand is why authors publish unedited work.

What's the rush to publish that you can't even simply read over your chapter to make sure you have no embarrassing typos? 

Why wouldn't you want to put your best, polished work out there? If you have enough time to write, you have enough time to edit.

There's never a rush to publish your work, when you rush you become a messy bitch sloppin' shit together. It's not a good look, it's not cute.

Slow cook your chapters, put them in the crockpot and turn em' on low for 7 hours like a pork roast. Let em' get juicy and slowly but surely, perfect. 

Both you and your readers will appreciate smooth, easy to read edited chapters.

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