Part 38

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Y/n's POV:
We were watching movies with Tom and Nate. Then I saw Theo's buddy come up. I looked at him. He looked at me with a questioning face. I looked down again and then back then he bit his lip. I slapped his buddy back down while Theo screamed it out in pain. Tom and Nate scared of Theo screaming looked at me. I was laughing so hard.
Y/n: "his buddy came to say hi!"
They started laughing with me.
Theo: "that hurts!"
Y/n: "you need a kiss you big baby?"
Theo: "no!"
We were still laughing. Theo went in the bathroom and screamed something. He opened the door.
Y/n: "wait no way! Show me!"
I ran in the bathroom and I pulled his pants down facing the blue buddy.
Nate: "AND? IS IT BLUE?!"
Y/n: "IT IS SIS!"
I came out of the bathroom with Theo coming out to. I took out a bag of ice and wrapped a towel around it. Theo laid down again looking at what I was doing. I laid the ice down at his buddy.
Y/n: "will make the pain less."
He rolled his eyes at me. He was angry and not a little bit tho.
Y/n: "sorry...."
I laid down with him. He smirked at me. He got the ice off and pulled me in a hug. He was playing it because he wanted cuddles.

 He was playing it because he wanted cuddles

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Y/n: "I love you baby...."
Theo: "I love you more little princess...."
Y/n: "your so sweet...."
Theo: "only for you....."
Y/n: "my cheesy boy...."
Theo: "my little princess...."
He hugged me even tighter when he said that and kissed my neck a few times. I felt his warm breaths on my skin. It was so calming. Moments like these are the most precious. Tomorrow it's time to go home for summer break.... it's gonna be fun tho. We're going back to the beach house of Pansy's parents. With the whole group and this time Nate to. I'm pretty excited. Theo isn't he's scared to get the same accident as last time. I made him agree by saying it won't happen and that I wouldn't sit at the window this time. I'm very excited to go again. I'm not a fan of swimming in the sea but Theo and I are gonna practice a bit more. I don't have to go to any meetings. I don't want to so that's good to. I was to tired to pack my bags and I didn't know what to take with me so Theo packed my bags... hoping he pack good things tho.

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