Changing- a Vampire Academy fanfic

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This story is a Vampire Academy fanfiction. I am a fan of the series and a while ago I wrote this and posted it on the site I edited it drastically and then decided to post it on here.


 I bit into my victim and started to drink deep. With each gulp of the sweet but tangy blood, my strength increased and my body regenerated itself. Eventually the body beneath me went limp and lifeless. I pushed the carcass off of me and got up. As usual, a pang of guilt managed to sliver inside of me.  I always seemed to feel that way when I took away a life.

I licked the last trickle of blood off my lips and then looked into the face of my victim. His skin was five shades too pale and his eyes were distant and un-focused. However, in death, he looked more peaceful then he ever had in the short time I had known him. I remember looking into his eyes as I had drained him of blood and seeing the shock, horror, distress and pain in them. They had been the most beautiful shade of sapphire blue, but they had looked bloodshot at that moment. In that second, I had wished more than ever that I was a Moroi or even a Strigoi if it meant that I could take away that pain. There wasn’t supposed to be pain, but with me there always was. It seemed that pain was the only thing I could ever conflict onto people. It had to stop. I would make it stop. And in that second, I made a life changing decision.

 From now on there would be no more pain. No one can stop me; I am already gone and too far away. I would change; I would never look into those tortured eyes again, I would leave everything I knew behind and become the person I had only ever dreamt of being. This would be my revolution. I knew I was different, and now I was going to push the boundaries. I was going to make a change.

                I hadn’t realised in that moment exactly how that decision would change my life, as well as the life of others. When I look back at it, I sometimes think that maybe it would have been better if I had just continued living the way I had been. At least then I wouldn’t have ruined so many lives. However, sometimes I look back at it and think that what happened that day was inevitable. Either way, my life was changed that day, for better or for worse.

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