Chapter 1

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Here’s chapter 1

Rose’s POV

I felt the ground beneath me, each distinct smell, filling my nostrils. I could hear the crunch of my feet against the fallen branches. I liked running. It made me feel free. When I ran I could think, and that wasn’t something I got to do a lot. This time it was different though. I wasn’t running for the joy of it, I was running to save my life. Or more precisely, running away from my life. My old one anyway.

       I let the smells, sounds and sights of the forest fill my head. In the distance, I could hear laughing. It was time to test my self-control around humans.

 I ran faster, welcoming the thoughts of seeing people again, even if I couldn’t let them see me. Eventually, their scent hit me. Immediately, waves of shock passed over me.  They weren’t humans. One was a Moroi and the other was a dhampir, this was not going to be a pretty confrontation.

I was near enough now to hear what they were saying. It was about school and stuff. I made well sure I was hidden before letting myself look at them. The Moroi was pretty, she had blond hair and green eyes and, like with all Moroi, she was tall. She was the one laughing and she looked fairly happy. I couldn’t help sometimes feeling jealousy towards Moroi. They could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. They were so free! It wasn’t fair to dhampirs who had to give up their lives protecting them, and it wasn’t fair to Strigoi who had to spend their lives hiding, just to survive. Granted, the majority of the time, Strigoi actually deserved to die. But it was the principle of the situation that annoyed me.  

       I felt strangely drawn to the girl. I had a strong feeling I had met her before and a weird sense of déjà vu was passing over me.

Somewhat against my will, I twisted my gaze to the dhampir I suspected to be her guardian. The person I would probably have to fight if I confronted them, well… when I confronted them.  

I looked at him and my heart skipped a beat. He was beyond gorgeous and had that badass look most dhampirs carried. He had chocolate brown eyes and shoulder length hair, tied back in a ponytail. He looked to be about six foot seven and had an amazing body (most dhampirs did, as did I being what I was, but his was just that much more tempting). Oh, what the hell I thought as I slowly gravitated towards them. I was in some sort of trance and hadn’t noticed what I was doing until it was too late. The blond Moroi froze at the sight of me. Her guardian turned towards me and after a brief moment of shock, readied himself into a defensive stance, pushing the Moroi behind him. Damn, they’ve seen me! I had kind of promised myself that I wouldn’t fight (or kill), any one anymore. But now I guess it was kind of inevitable. Well that’s just great…  

Dimitri’s POV

The princess had been animatedly talking about her schoolwork and some funny incident that had happened while she was there. She was joyously laughing to herself, obviously very happy about being here. She and some of her friends had gone on a camping trip which I had had to come on seeing as I was her soon to be guardian. She had wanted to go on a walk. Since I was technically her guardian, I had come with her. I wasn’t officially Lissa’s guardian until her graduation but it had already been set up. I cared deeply for Lissa and thought of her as my little sister.

        Suddenly, she stopped speaking and froze. Her eyes seemed to roll back into themselves. I turned in the direction she was looking at and felt myself freeze. Standing in front of me was a Strigoi. How had I not seen the threat before? Instinctively, I pushed Lissa behind me and crouched down into a defensive stance, ready to leap at a split seconds notice. She on the other hand, just stood there watching us, an irritated expression on her face. I stared just as thoroughly back at her, a challenge in my stare, waiting for her to attack.

         It was strange that she wasn’t moving at all, it was very unlike Strigoi instincts to not go in for the kill straight away. What she looked like, was also irritatingly strange. She didn’t look like the typical Strigoi. First of all, she was heart-stopping beautiful. Most Strigoi looked too terrifying to be considered beautiful however, she had this slight air of innocence to her, this slight unknowing. Also, her skin was a healthy tan colour as if she had been out in the Sun for a while. Also, her eyes were thinly lined with red, but every so often the red faded and they went completely brown, the natural colour of her eyes. Finally, she was a lot more graceful then most Strigoi, almost… dhampir like. If it had not been for the fact that I could sense the danger she possessed and that she acted almost predatorial like, I would have mistaken her for a dhampir. I couldn’t help feeling confused. However, like the guardian I was taught to be, I ignored my feelings, burying them deep inside and readied myself for an attack.


I stood perfectly straight looking at him and he mirrored my stance perfectly. It seemed that he had obliviously stood out of his defensive position and was now staring back at me, studying me. A second later he blinked, and the perfect image was shattered. He charged uncontrollably at me with no real aim or destination but to attack. I dodged it easily taking two steps to the right. He was standing directly in front of me now and ready to fight.

         He went for a punch to my nose and I blocked his fist. He then tried to kick my stomach which again I blocked. He continued to throw well aimed punches and kicks at me, which each time I blocked easily. I could tell he was an amazing guardian and the power and strength behind each punch was surprising. However, at this moment he was acting on rage and confusion and was therefore failing to actually succeed in doing anything. He had managed to get in a couple of good hits, but nothing had been strong enough to knock me down.


I was angry with her for making me feel so confused, I knew that I was just lashing out and acting unprofessional but something about her was really pissing me off. So I continued to randomly punch and kick, hoping for the best. I did get in a few good hits but nothing good enough to get her down. The worst thing was that she wasn’t fighting back. She was just standing there, gracefully avoiding my attacks. It was somewhat disturbing.

        “STOP!” I suddenly heard from behind me, it was Princess Vasillisa. The sound distracted the girl- I mean Strigoi- for a second, but that second was enough of a distraction for me to knock her down, jumping on top of her, pinning her arms below me.

 I positioned the stake by her heart. For a brief second a look of shock filled her face however, a second later she looked somewhat at peace, almost as if she welcomed her death. I held the silver stake up in the air, looking one last time at the girls beautiful face, still oddly at peace. I had a brief second of hesitation before I swung the stake down…

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