Wild And Free by MDazzle
Wild And Freeby ♡ Mo ♡
A litter of four or five cubs is born after a gestation period of 53 days in March or April. They are blind, have round faces and short ears, and are covered with dark...
  • breed
  • teenager
  • fox
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Endangered by Mystic_Realm
Endangeredby Mystic's Palace
The Lycan race is dying and there's nothing they can do about it but watch their race die out. Since then they have resided in a cave sleeping until they were disturbed...
  • pregnancy
  • possessive
  • mood
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The Breeders by Porcelain89
The Breedersby Nittah Porcelain Haniah
We are all werewolves under the control of humans. Our kind has been outed by other species allowing our kind to lose power over the humans. The tower sends of waves th...
  • pups
  • werewolves
  • romance
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⚡️UNRULY⚡️Book One by MorganRozee
⚡️UNRULY⚡️Book Oneby MorganRozeee
It's been almost eighteen years since the twins, Henry and Hayden, have been born and life seems to be treating the two well. Henry Mikaelson; a troublemaker on his own...
  • henry
  • together
  • vampires
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Breedables by Koipaw_the_great
Breedablesby Useless
  • breed
  • cats
Bunny~ ( Bunny! Reader x Creepypasta ) by KIANAGACHA
Bunny~ ( Bunny! Reader x KIANAGACHA
Bon bon a human and bunny finds herself in the mansion and she accidentally reveals herself and they all ask questions. Will they let her stay? Or will they make her lea...
  • fluff
  • surprise
  • breed
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Is That the Alpha's Mate? by LostWatermelon
Is That the Alpha's Mate?by LostWatermelon
Mate? Kailangan ko ba nun? Pano yan babae ako pero ang hanap ko ay kapwa ko babae? Matatanggap kaya niya ako? Matatanggap niyo kaya ako? ....
  • rhoegene
  • werewolves
  • moreprincessrhoegenevelmor
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Au sans x shy,multiple breed,abused,innocent,Goddess reader sleepover/party by shy-softflower
Au sans x shy,multiple breed,
Y/n is a insecure girl because of her past.her brothers take her to a sleepover/party to help her break out of her very thick shell of shyness. Her dad is discord and he...
  • sleepover
  • pajamas
  • breed
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The Little Vampire by Kodden
The Little Vampireby Kodden
Elliott Rose Imani is a Full blooded Vampire Princess, a mortal vampire with a rare gift of Truth, Emotion and no endorphins. Her best friend Ally May one of the Secon...
  • human
  • dhampyrs
  • walkers
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CHICKEN AND COW by cockymoo
A story of a chicken and a cow finding themselves in complicated relationship. Find out what happens when the meet.. in CHICKEN AND COW.
  • like
  • chicken
  • triangle
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Breed by poeticgarbage
Breedby Sarah
"Wherever you are now, whatever you are doing now, chances are you are dead then. Because then is not now, and then is different. Then is a different lifestyle, a d...
  • wallowers
  • thrivers
  • dystopian
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Breeding parties in India by KathrineNygard
Breeding parties in Indiaby Kathrine
Something different I met in my stay in India.
  • breed
  • india
  • pregnancy
Bred (An Undertale AU) by ALittleTooObsessed13
Bred (An Undertale AU)by ALittleTooObsessed13
Hey, so this is just something I came up with one night. So in this, monsters are bred and sold to humans for protection, or just for show. Kinda like dogs. This is done...
  • monsters
  • sans
  • breed
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Bred For Extinction by PatrickCarney
Bred For Extinctionby Patrick Sean Carney
What If... Two supernatural breeds (Witch and Werewolf) mated, all in the hope of creating a new omnipotent species that can stand up and vanquish their hated foe of the...
  • suspense
  • gory
  • supernatural
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Individual Dog RolePlay by Alien-Slushie
Individual Dog RolePlayby Slushie
Because I do what I want. :3
  • individual
  • puppies
  • straight
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Breedables by QueenEmber7
Breedablesby Ember
Similar to an adoptables book, in this you can choose two animals to breed and keep the babies. Outlines do not belong to me and I give full credit for the outlines to t...
  • adopt
  • breed
  • breedables
Warrior Cats[COAT COLOURS, EYES, BREEDS & GENETICS] by Pastybihh
Warrior Cats[COAT COLOURS, EYES, Selena
Hello any uneducated fuckers, or people interested in reading about cat genetics. In case anyone is too lazy to google genetics, or don't quite get the just... well you'...
  • cannon
  • genetics
  • cat
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