Chapter 2

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I heard the girl shout. It was all it took to distract me in my preoccupied state. One second I was looking at her, the next I was on the floor, a heavy weight on top of me. Her guardian had knocked me down and had a stake pointed down at my heart. At first I was filled with shock but a second later I just felt oddly at peace. This was it, the end. Finally I would be released from this cruel world. So, in what I thought were my last minutes, I looked into the beautiful chocolate brown eyes hovering above me, my mind in a state of calm.

      I saw a brief flash of hesitation pass through his eyes before he swung his stake down. “STOP DIMITRI AND THAT IS AN ORDER!” That shout awoke me from my paralysed state and realisation filled me. I looked at my heart only to find a stake millimetres away from it. It had been the girl again. Why was she trying to stop this ‘Dimitri’ from killing me? After all, to her, I would look like a Strigoi, her immortal enemy, an abomination, a plaque on all their houses, a monster to be destroyed. So why was she protecting me? By doing so, she was putting herself in danger and that was very un-Moroi like. Then again, there was still that sense of familiarity about her; I just couldn’t put my finger on it- and that annoyed me. I hated not being in control of every situation and not knowing everything that was going on around me. I looked at Dimitri. He was trying to slow down his breathing while keeping the stake at killing distance.

“Princess? Would you explain to me why you are stopping me from making this kill?” he said it in a tone that suggested he was genuinely confused. She studied him with obvious dubiousness, worry filling all of her features. Eventually she answered, “She isn’t a Strigoi-or at least not completely one. I can read her aura,” Dimitri looked like he was about to protest but she cut him off. “I’ve been practising with Adrian and... well i made some progress but anyway,” hmm, I had met an Adrian in the summer, he had completely changed my view of life, I wonder… “If she was a Strigoi she wouldn’t have an aura at all- and yet she does.  Her aura resembles the normality of any dhampir, however, there are shadows circling her, trying to engulf her. I don’t know what they are, but they are not good!”

      I’ve got it, she’s a spirit user. This just strengthens my theory on who this Adrian person, she was talking about, is. I looked over at Dimitri. He looked somewhat un-believing and skeptical at the idea.

“Lissa, what exactly do you believe she is?” Dimitri asked.

“I don’t know,”

“Hang on a second. Lissa? As is Vasillisa, as in you’re the Dragomir princess, as in the last of her line?”

“Well…yes,” she said tentatively.

“Who said you could talk?” Dimitri spat at me.

“Talk about rude!” I answered.  Dimitri shot me a look of distaste before climbing off of me, though still keeping me at arm’s reach. I was seriously disbelieving of my situation at that moment. It’s not exactly every day that you just stumble across one of the most famous princesses in our world. If the circumstances were different I would literally have been jumping with joy right now, as childish as it may seem. “And you’re a spirit user aren’t you?” Her face suddenly aged a hundred years. “W… w… what do y… you know about that? She stuttered. Oh, she was worried I was going to use her power against her. Being the former Strigoi queen, I had inside information and I knew about the crap Vasillisa Dragomir had been put through from a certain Victor Dashkov. When I had first heard about it, I had been impressed. In fact, I had even started a search for him. This Victor Dashkov would have made a very good Strigoi. He was intelligent and he obviously had an evil mind. However, now I thought about it, it made me feel sick to the stomach that anyone could act so cruel and sadistically.

            I looked at the girl. She seemed too young to have so many worry lines staining her features. I felt an odd softness towards her and somewhat protective. It was as If I had known her my whole life, it was if she was my best friend, my sister. I wonder if she felt that way as well.

“Lissa,” She flinched at the use of her name, “I’m not going to hurt you in any way, I’m just curious. I met a spirit user recently and their power amazed me. I’m just curious about your abilities. Oh, and Dimitri,” he also flinched at my use of his name. Come on, I’m not vermin! “Put down that stake. I’m not going to fight you… well not today anyway. And also, if you don’t want people knowing your name, you really shouldn’t be shouting it out loud for the whole world to hear, especially if your one of the most sought after princesses in the whole world,” Yes, I was being sarcastic, but I was just having way too much fun at the moment. I was back. The ever confident Rose Hathaway. No one messes with me!

I smiled sweetly at both of them, showing my teeth. Lissa still looked like she was trying to figure me out and Dimitri just looked annoyed.  I knew I was in control of this situation, and I couldn’t help feeling a little pleased knowing that. I always liked to be a step ahead and my moment of weakness had been completely out of character. But it was okay- because I was back. I was still at this moment more dhampir than Strigoi but also completely evil (in a stab you in the back with a spoon sort of way). I was a badass at heart and no one could ever truly take that away. Not even a gorgeous dhampir that’s almost as intimidating as me. Well… maybe if I got a bit too distracted thinking of him, like now. He was compelling and I only ever found people compelling if there was something more to them. But what more was there to him? He was just a normal dhampir for God’s sake. So why was I so attracted to him? Sure he was good-looking but that was literally the end of it… It bothered me greatly.

          “Now we’ve gotten all the niceties out the way, I think it’s time we had a little chat, don’t you think?” My voice seemed to ring around the trees and I had a feeling that these two people were in no rush to have any such chat. That Lissa girl might have worked out that I wasn’t a Strigoi as of such but she still wasn’t sure exactly what I was. I’m quite sure her guardian was still on high alert and I really couldn’t be bothered to deal with him right now. Sure, he intrigued me and I wouldn’t mind having some fun with him. But that didn’t mean he was any fun right now. After all, he had his boring guardian face on and he had obviously gotten over his moment of weakness, just as I had. It seemed we were similar in many more ways than one.

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