Changing- a Vampire Academy fanfic

Changing- a Vampire Academy fanfic

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Fantasywriter5025 By Fantasywriter5025 Updated Feb 01, 2014

Rose is one of a kind. Born simply by fate, she is half dhampir and half Strigoi. Deadly in every way possible, she has inherited the best skills of both breeds. People fear her unheard of abilities and very quickly, she rises in power. Now, the Strigoi queen, she rules the entire Strigoi empire...

But she's never felt like she belongs. After all, she's all alone. And being one of a kind, who can you really relate to?

Everything changes when she meets two people she had never expected to come across. Through an untimely and completely unexpected meeting, she joins the side of good. 

But sometimes it can be just as difficult being good as it is being evil. Especially, when your heart's the price you have to pay.

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Lusername456 Lusername456 Oct 12, 2017
Oh so Dimitri is a worse fighter than Rose (although there both rly good) intersting....
dreamwatcher dreamwatcher Sep 18, 2011
CAN NOT WAIT FOR MORE! This was an amazing idea. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.
DruAnderson DruAnderson Feb 22, 2011
hey i love your idea. Even though richelle mead stopped writing the series dosent mean the fans cant shoot out ideas! keep writing i want to keep readingg!!!((: contact me at
guardian-angel guardian-angel Feb 20, 2011
Hey this is a cool twist, love how you used Dimitris pov. grrr cliffhangers : )
Ladymusic4ever Ladymusic4ever Feb 19, 2011
Hey stargirl97 could you upload more? I'm Curious to see what happends next