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Today is the day. The day, I've waited for, for 18 years. I'm finally going to be free. Today I leave for college.

"Come on honey or you're gonna miss your flight!" mom yelled from the bottom of the steps. I grabbed my last two bags and ran out of my room.

As soon as I got down the stairs, I was met with all of my family. Well there wasn't much being that, I was an only child. My mom, grandparents, aunt, uncle and, cousin were all here to see me off.

You're probably wondering where my dad is... well so am I. He's never been in the picture. When he found out mom was pregnant, he left her like she was the plague. It sucks but it's really, just his loss.

I've always wondered what he was like. I've even tried to contact him once. No response. I do wish he was here to see me off to college but, why try to force someone to be in your life when they want no part.

Plus, I have all of these amazing people in front of me. I really love my family. It's small but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

"Sage are you listening?" grandma said, pulling me out of my thoughts. "Sorry, what happened?"

"We said that we're so proud of you baby. The first in our family that has been able to go to college."

Yup, it's true. No one else before me has went to college. My grandparents aren't from America and well, they just couldn't afford to put my mom and her sister in college. They both also didn't want to end up in debt like most people. The American education system really is a scam.

You have to spend your whole life up until 12th grade, thriving for amazing grades to get into a good school. And if you're lucky, you'll be able to afford it.

I call bullshit. But anything to get out of this town.

"Thanks, grandma" I said while she engulfed me in a very very tight hug. I bid my goodbyes to everyone and last but certainly not least was Mikey.

This was the hardest part. He was a year younger than me and, since I had no siblings and he was my only cousin, we grew up like brother and sister.

I began to tear up as soon as I looked at him. "Tears are for the weak and bitch you're far from it" he said

"Language Mikey!!" My aunt Elle said. "Sorry mom!" he said with an embarrassed smirk. I just laughed.

We hugged for what felt hours. "come on hun it's time to go." My mom said.

"Love you Mikey" I said pulling away.

"Love you too S. If anything ever gets too much just call."

"I will."

To an outsider looking in, I seem to have a pretty privileged and nice life. I live in an English style manor house. I have nice clothes, and lots of nice things. Mom is also able to fully pay my tuition.

I guess you could say I have it good. But then again, that's only from an outsider looking in. The things that we had to go through to get here breaks me to even think about.

But now its over. He's gone. My stepfather has been out of our lives for almost a year now. Mikey's the only one who knows what he did. What me and mom went through. And the reason he's gone. I'm the reason he's gone.

I still have nightmares about him. He scarred me for life. Just thinking about him makes my skin crawl. It makes me feel dirty and disgusting. But most of all scared. The things he's done to us has broke me, probably beyond repair.

"We're here" mom said, pulling me out of my thoughts. I'm finally doing it. I'm leaving this small town that holds nothing but horrific memories. I'm starting over.

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