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3rd POV

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3rd POV

Klaus Mikealson was walking passed Wandas office.
"Hello Antonio" Klaus said to the man that was rocking his son to sleep.

"Oh. Hi Klaus. What can I do for you?" Antonio said turning to the man.

Klaus looked at him. He wanted to hurt Antonio. But he knew he couldn't. Not right now at least.

"I was wondering what you could tell me about Wandas children and her husband?"

Antonio looked down. He noticed that Stefan was asleep finally. "I can't tell you anything right now. As you can see my son if finally asleep. So if you will please leave so I can put him down that would be great.

Klaus just nodded at the man and walked out.
He didn't go far. Just far enough to see when the teacher left the room.

Klaus walked back into the office, careful to make no noise.
He started going through all of Wandas desk.
He found a file labeled important papers.
He went through it pulling out all the children's birth certificates, and reading them. Starting with Stefans.

Stefan Damon Brakeman Forbes.

Alexis Vicki Salvatore.
Klaus paused at the last name. Wanda had a child with Stefan?

Josette Olivia Saltzman.
Elizabeth Jenna Saltzman.
Again Klaus was surprised.

Finally he looked at the last one

Daxton Jeremy Mikealson Forbes.

Klaus was as you would say Pissed.

He just found out he has a son.

He needed to talk to Wanda.

Klaus left the room, and vampire sped into the auditorium.

Klaus Mikealson walked passed his siblings who saw the look on his face and knew to follow him.

He marched passed his daughter who was dancing with Landon.

He marched straight up to Wanda.

"Care to explain this?!" Klaus yelled at the woman.

"Klaus stop. This is not the place to discuss this matter. Let me end the dance." Wanda spoke worry laced in her voice.

"Hello everyone! I hate to cut this year's Halloween dance short. But, I hope you all had fun! Say goodbye to your family and friends, and off to bed! Goodnight!" Wanda told the students.

After everyone except the Forbes-Saltzman-Mikealson kids, Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Alaric, Antonio, Caroline, the Mikealsons and Wanda left the room.
"Klaus let's talk about this in a civilized manne-"

Before Wanda could finish Klaus cut her off.
"No! You Kept him from me for Years!"

Wanda flinched.

"I know. But let me explain."

"Yes Niklaus. Let Wanda explain before something happens." Elijah spoke trying to calm his brother.

"I was what, 17 when we started dating. I loved you. All of my friends told me I was crazy and that you would break my heart. But I didn't listen. And I'm glad I didn't." Wanda started looking into his eyes.
"I went to your house that night after a long talk with Caroline and my mom. I had just found out I was pregnant. I knew I wanted to keep the baby, no matter what. And I did. But when I walked into your room, and the sight I saw. It broke me! I left you. Not the other way around. I took my son. I raised him. And he has three wonderful fathers. And you aren't one of them, unless he decides." Wanda finished looking over at her son.

"What about the other ones? You just moved on so quickly? Even though I broke you?" Klaus asked in a mocking tone.

"Lizzie and Josie, were magically placed in me by their coven, when their biological mother died. Their father is Alaric. Even though they are not my blood. They are my daughters. On the day I gave birth to them i died. The labor was to much for my body to handle. But I died with Stefans blood in my system. When I awoke, we found I still had my powers and that I am a heretic. About three years later I had Lexi. With my fiancé, Stefan Salvatore, who then died on our wedding day saving the people he loves. That brings us to my youngest Stefan. I had him with Antonio and that is all you need to know."

Klaus had a hard time taking this all in.
The only thing he could do is violence. He lunged at Antonio, but before he could do anything Wanda through him out.

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