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Same outfit as last chapter

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Same outfit as last chapter


3rd POV

Wanda Forbes sat in her office fidgeting. It was in no question that she was nervous. She looked up at the clock. 3... 2...1... it was now 2:00 pm on the dot.
The Mikealsons should be here.
Wanda got up. Looked out the window and saw a black car pull up.
Wanda took a deep breath and walked out of her office.

Wanda froze when she saw long blonde hair and two brunettes talking to the Mikealsons.
"Lizzie, Josie, Lexi. Can you three please go back to class? I'm going to be giving this tour." The three girls looked at there mom. "Ok. Nice meeting you Hope!" Josie said smiling pulling her sisters away.

"Hi! You must be Hope! I'm Wanda Forbes, but you can call me Miss F" Wanda said holding her hand out to the young girl, not even looking at her family. "Wanda..." the said woman turned her head at the mention of her name.
"Hello Klaus. Hayley, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol. I don't know who you three are?" Wanda said looking at everyone. "Oh. I'm Freya, their older sister. This is Devina, Kol's wife. And this is Marcel Rebekahs husband." The blonde woman spoke. Wanda nodded. "Now! Let's get on with the tour!" Wanda said clapping her hand together.

Throughout the tour Klaus kept trying to get Wanda to talk to him, even look at him. But nothing. All she did was talk to Hope and lead the tour.
"This is the History of Magic class. Mr Brakeman is a great teacher and a nice man. I think you'll love his class, Hope." Wanda told the young girl looking in to see all the students writing in their note books and Antonio looking at something on his desk.
"Come, let's go to the Library" Wanda said turning in a different direction.

"Welcome to the Stefan Salvatore memorial library. All the artifacts have been donated by Damon and Elena Salvatore, Headmaster Alaric Saltzman, and me." Wanda spoke looking around the library, stopping in front of a picture of Stefan. "Wait. Stefans dead?" Rebekah asked. "Yes"
Elijah looked at Wanda "how did he die?" Before Wanda could answer she was saved by Alaric. "Hey how about we head to Miss Forbes office?"
Wanda nodded and clapped her hands together. "Yes that is a great idea!"

The group walked into Wandas office. Wanda walked behind her desk and sat in her chair.
"Hope please sit. We have something's to discuss." Hope did as she was told. "Now I'm going to ask you some questions. Answer them to the best of you can, ok?"
Hope nodded.
"Full name?"
"Hope Andrea Wanda Mikealson"
Wanda sighed.
"Have you triggered your vampire side?"
"Have you triggered your wolf?"
"Y-" but before Hope could finished Hayley cut her off.
"I'm not sure that is any of your business." Hayley glared at the woman.
"Actually it is. If I'm going to have your daughter at my school I need to know this" Wanda said pointedly at the mother. "What do you know about tribrids anyway?" Hayley sneered. "A lot more then you know."
Before anyone could say anything, Kol opened his big mouth. "Your married?" He asked Wanda holding up a photo

"Um yes now can we get back to your niece?"Alaric looked down at Wanda to see if she was ok

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"Um yes now can we get back to your niece?"
Alaric looked down at Wanda to see if she was ok. She just looked back down at the papers.
"Now Hope, what kind of classes would you like?" Before the girl could respond a knock on the door interrupted. "Come in!" Wanda yelled.
"Hey Wan, I ran out of bottles." Antonio said walking in with Stefan in his arms. He stopped when he saw who was in her office. "Who are you?" Elijah asked looking at the unknown man. "I'm Antonio and I'll be leaving." He said going to turn. "Um no your not. It has like 6 hours since I have seen him now hand him over." Wanda said getting up and walking over to the father of her son. "Hi darling. Good to see you too." Antonio said sarcastically handing over his son.
"You have a baby?" Rebekah asked. Wanda looked to the woman who used to be her best friend. "Yes. Now let's get back to business. Hope what classes?"
Hope looked at her family confused at why they are so interested in her new  Headmistress life. "I'm ok with anything really. But, do have an art class?"
Wanda chuckled softly, "yes we do. We have plenty of sports if your interested as well, we have football, flag football, soccer, and my personal favourite ice skating and hockey." The woman said smiling.

A voice could be heard outside the door, "Lizzie, Josie, Lexi! Mom said to stay out of her office for and hour."
"I don't care Dax."
The door was then thrown open.
"Daxton is hogging the rink!" Lexi yelled at her mother not paying attention to the crowd around her. "Girls, do you not see I'm in a meeting?"
A look of embarrassment crossed over the youngest face turning to see the Mikealsons. Lizzie and Josie's eyes widened when they saw who was in their mothers office.
"Daxton come here!" Wanda said beckoning her son into her office.
"Share the rink with your sisters please." Daxton rolled his eyes. "Ok fine. But Emmy and I are going on a date there tonight so they can't use it tonight." He said to his mother, not even turning to look at the people around him. "Kids why don't we go for a walk, hm?" Antonio asked trying to intervene.
"That's a good idea Toni. Girls, Dax, go with him please." Alaric told the children. "Fine. Bye mom, bye Ric" Lexi said walking out. "Bye mom, bye dad." The twins said leaving.
Daxton swore under his breath. He knew Klaus would not leave till he knew the fathers of the children. Daxton walked over to his mother and gave her a kiss on the head. "I'm gonna go practice. Bye mom"
Wanda smiled at her son "are you ever not on the ice?" They laughed.

"How many kids do you have?" Kol asked after Daxton walked out the door, "five."
"Who is there father?" A voice who has bearly said anything. "None of you business Klaus.Now if you don't have anymore questions, this meeting is over." Wanda said standing up. "Yeah, how old are they?"
Wanda rolled her eyes at the British man. "Ok the meeting is over. Hope you can start moving in tomorrow. Class will start for you on Monday. Have a good day."
The Mikealsons walked out. Wanda slumped in her chair in defeat.

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