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Chapter 7 Ancient Powers Collide

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Anger rising inside me for not receiving answers to my questions. I could feel my arms begin burning again but something inside me didn't want to try to calm me down, even though I was standing in front of Lord Death himself. Apparently Lord Death noticed to, his eyes narrowed and he stared at me and even Crona had moved away from me. Something snapped inside me and I angrily yelled out.

"I WANT SOME ANSWERS, AND I WANT THEM NOW! Ever since I got here I have been given nothing but the run around. No one can tell me about my parents, nor why I have this ability to transform. Why are these government officials are coming after me and why does everyone look at me funny? I am sick of having nothing but questions and no answers!"

My arms were like they were on fire. My mind racing with not only the questions but also with a strange emotion of hatred. The overwhelming desire to do some serious damage to something or someone.

"Augustine... you best think before you act..."

Lord Death's voice deep and serious, to the point it shook the ground. However whatever took over me didn't seem to care.

Crona runs towards the exit yelling. "I don't know how to deal with this!!!"

My arms start glowing as they did when they transform.

"Why won't anyone give me answers? Why is everything being kept from me?"

My voice starts to have a strange echo to it, it was my voice but almost as if two people are talking. The echoing voiceis not my own but a deeper toned one, a voice I had never heard before. Lord Death raises his hand and shouts "Reaper Chop!" He swings his hand down to strike me but instead of hitting me my arm transforms into the cross gun again and blocks the chop. Immediately following his attack I all but lose complete control over my movements. I leap backwards out of range from Lord Death and aim my weapons at him. Suddenly I speak but the words were not my own.

"Ahh... Lord Death.... It has been quite some time.... hasn't it?"

Lord Death's posture completely changs, he was no longer the humble being that everyone knew him as.

"Not long enough witch.... You should have stayed gone..."

I begin laughing a dark and maniacal laugh.

"My name... is Malachi. But knowing my name will be the least of your worries. Soul Protect - Release..."

My face turns serious, as if I was losing my very sanity. The power that was released was incredible, closely matching that of Lord Death's.

"So tell me Death... You knew for a while that I had taken host in this body for a while now haven't you... And yet instead of containing me you enroll him into the academy... your precious school. Why? Surely you will answer my questions won't you or do you plan to keep them from me as well?"

Lord Death bellows back, "I enrolled him to keep you close by. Haven't you ever heard keep your friends close and your enemies closer? I knew that having you in my sight, the first time you would reveal yourself I would be ready for you."

Malachi let out a deep laugh. "And yet here you are... weaponless... How does that make your prepared?"

Just then the sound of Spirit and Stein could be heard running up from behind us. In one swift motion, my body turns to the right slightly so that I had both Lord Death and the entrance in my line of sight. One hand stops aiming at Lord Death and swings up and over facing the other direction and fires a shot off, blasts the guillotine archways and instantly collapses the tunnel blocking their path.

Lord Death growls as the witch carelessly destroys the archway and nearly killing Stein and Spirit. "REAPER CHOP!" Lord Death swipes again attempting to hit Malachi again only to be foiled by a shot from the cross gun.

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