Chapter 6 Self Defense!

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The sun was straight overhead, very few clouds littered the sky. School was out for the weekend so I figured it was a good time to explore the city. I start walking down the street from the dorm and a voice spoke up from behind me. "H-hey Augustine.... M-mind if I join you?" I turn to see Crona walking towards me holding his arm like the day he came into the dorm room. "Sure." I replied. "I could always use some company." Crona smiles a little and hurries to catch up with me. "S-so where are we going? Crona asked walking beside me.

"No where exactly, just thought I would explore the city today." I said smiling, looking up at the sky. We walk along the street for a few blocks. Along the way we came up on a bicycle shop, looking through the window I could see nothing but bikes. One of them caught my eye though. It was a deep blue bike, with gold streaks flowing across the body. "Some day I will own that bike." I said as I pointed it out to Crona. "I wouldn't know how to deal with that..." I look at Crona slightly confused. "What do you mean? Haven't you ever rode a bike before?" Crona simply shook his head no. "Oh, maybe some day I can teach ya." A faint smile shot across his face.

We left the shop window and headed down the street further. The sound of screeching tires can be heard coming from down the street. A rather large truck was barreling towards Me and Crona. The truck was all black, no words or pictures on the sides were visible. The truck seemed to pick up speed as it headed towards us. I look at Crona and his eyes had grown in size. "Come on we have to move, I don't know what they are doing but it can't be good." I grab Crona's arm and dash into a nearby alley. The truck narrowly misses us as we make it to safety. 

The truck then floors it in reverse and turns facing the alley we were in. The alley was in fact big enough for the truck to be able to fit down should it happen to come after us, which it did. The driver of the truck was hidden by the dark tinted window, a few seconds pass my heart was in my throat fearing what was happening. I could feel my arm getting warm, the same feeling I got when it transformed each time before. No, no, no, not here.... please not now... I was pleading to myself. Crona and I started off in the opposite direction trying to escape the alley before the truck started after us again. We almost make it to the other end and another truck appears blocking off the exit.

"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!!" Crona shouted, just then something strange happened with Crona, something black was emerging from his back. I take a step backwards not sure of what was going on, not only with the trucks chasing us but also with what was going on with my new roommate as well. Suddenly the black mass took shape and started shouting at Crona. My mind was racing now, what was going on? "Crona.... what's going on!?" The mass on Crona's back looked at me. "It's your fault we are in this mess..." I was startled to hear it talking, but I managed to find my voice. "What are you and what do you mean this is my fault!?"

The warm sensation turned into a burning one, as my mind raced along. Both trucks slowly enter the alleyway and began to creep their way towards us. I look over at Crona as he is holding his head with both hands while the black mass was picking on him. My arms began glowing on their own the closer the trucks got. "Crona! What are we going to do!?" I cried out. The being on Crona disappeared into his back and a black sword formed in his hand. A white line forms down the center of the sword.

"C-crona?" Looking over at Crona who had his head looking at the ground. The sound of the truck scraping the walls as they narrowly made their way close to us. Something on the top of the truck moves and seems to aim at us. "Surrender, and no harm will come." A voice says coming from the direction of one of the trucks. "Who are you?!" I yell back, the object on top of the truck quickly becomes identifiable as a gun. Without warning the gun fires and Crona leaped up and deflected the bullet with his sword.

The rage inside of me was growing, so many answers were going unanswered. My life has been sought after by strange men, my mind was racing with what had happened with Crona. All these questions and not a soul to bother answering any of them. Why did I have this ability to turn into a weapon? How is it my parents never knew about it? The trucks continued to close in as I watched Crona continue to deflect bullets from both vehicles at this point. I fall to my knees and my arms were beginning to glow like they did right before they transformed.

I hold out my hands and shouted. "STOP IT!!" Right after I had shouted my arms completely turn into their weapon form. Both in the shape of a cross, at the bottom of the cross the barrel of the gun was visible. A bright light was forming at the end of the barrel of both weapons. I shouted once again. "JUST LEAVE US ALONE!!" The guns fired at the same time, both beams of energy hit the trucks blasting them both backwards clean out of the alley. Crona lands next to me, his sword smoking due to the bullets he was deflecting. I remain down on my knees panting, the shots took a lot of energy from me. Crona helped me up and we moved as quick as we could out of the alleyway before anything else showed up. The commotion drew up a lot of attention. Maka, Soul, Stein and Spirit were running towards the alleyway that we were walking out of. They met up with us and made sure we were okay before looking at the two wrecked vehicles, Stein looked down at me a moment before running towards the wreckage looking for the people responsible, Spirit soon followed. My arms return to normal as I can feel my strength fading.

Maka and Soul walked Crona and me to the academy entrance, Lord Death was standing in the entrance way. He didn't say anything as we passed, I then had a bad feeling we were in trouble or something. We finally arrive at the Deathroom, the table and chairs were gone. Other students were also standing in the Deathroom, some I already knew and some I didn't. One students had blue spiky hair, a black shirt and white pants, with a star tattoo on his shoulder. He was standing next to a girl with long braided black hair, a one piece dress with a yellow star on the chest. Maka and Soul walked over to them and they started talking among themselves. Another student had 3 white stripes on only half of his head, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt underneath. He was standing with two girls, wearing an orange sweater top with blue jeans and a tan hat. The boy with the stripes in his hair walks towards to me and looks me over. "So you are the student my father has been talking about.... Interesting." He says in a serious tone. "W-who are you..." I was afraid to speak ever since the incident in town.

"I am Death the Kid, but my friends just call me Kid. I am Lord Death's son." Before I could respond Lord Death comes in and goes over to stand in front of his mirror. "I have called you all here to inform you that some governmental agency has been attacking weapons and either killing them or kidnapping them." His voice became serious. "I am assigning you all the task to keep an eye for any more attacks. Protect and Report to me anything that occurs. Stein and Spirit will be standing guard at the entrance to the city, until we can find a solution. That is all. The other students walk towards the exit and one of the students shouts out. "Those punks will regret messing with the Great Blackstar, YAHOO!" A soft voice spoke up after the shouting. "Blackstar, please don't shout, it echoes in here..." Blackstar laughs. "Oh Tsubaki... I am the GREAT BLACKSTAR, If I am to be stronger than God then I must sound stronger than God!" Tsubaki lets out a long sigh. Lord Death stands quietly and waits for the other students to leave before turning to me and Crona. "Augustine... I think it would be best if you returned to your dorm at this time... There is some things that need to be arranged and that can't be done if your life is in danger." I turn to look at Lord Death. "Why are they after me the most? I was chased out of my own home..." I asked hoping for an answer for once. "Answers will come in due time Augustine but for now please return to your dorm---"

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