Chapter 8 The White Fox Witch

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Nearly a month passes and no sign of Augustine or the witch, even the governmental agencies stopped showing up as well. Life in Death City had returned to normal but with one major difference. Ever since the encounter with the witch in the Deathroom, Lord Death had become distant and harder to get a hold of. The sun was setting over the horizon as the day was coming to an end, a slight breeze whistles through the streets. The scent of the bakers and cooks of the town filled the air. Everything seemed calm until the sound of a woman screaming rang out on the far edge of town. People began running over to find out what had caused the commotion. A man lay on the ground bleeding from scratches on the side of his face. But when people asked the woman what she had seen, she couldn't give clear details. "It was a blurr..." Was all she could say, several people had started helping the bleeding man. 

Once everything was cleaned up a man jumps out of the ambuout and informs everyone that the man will live, a sigh of relief can be heard from many while others looked around worried. The crowd dispersed and things had calmed back down. Blair was in her cat form walking down the street looking for where she was going to get her next meal, when something shiny caught her eye from down the street and being a cat it sparked her curiosity. Blair chased down the shiny object, it started moving disappearing around the corner. This only peaked her curiosity even more, as she rounds the corner the shiny object almost seemed to have disappeared. 

"Where did that.. thing go?" Blair asked as she looked around confused.

She continues walking down the street, looking all over for the object that caught her attention. Something began shining once again but it was much further down the street than she thought. Blair runs after it determined to catch it this time, oblivious as to where the shining object was going as she continues after it. The object was shining through a window but the building was too dark to see inside, so Blair opens the door to the building and walked. Once she enters the door slowly shuts on its own the object was shining brighter the closer she got. Blair makes her way to the object, but as she got closer the more of the object become visible. The shining came from a small ball of energy that was forming at the end of a barrel to a gun. Blair stopped in her tracks and followed the barrel of the gun and the image of a cross like weapon came into focus. Augustine was leaning against a pillar with one foot resting on the floor and the other on the pillar. 

"Hello Blair...." 

Blair takes a step back. 

"Augustine... is that you or..." 

Augustine pushes off the pillar and stands on both feet. Augustine grins and takes a step towards Blair, who at the same time takes a step back.  

"Pum, Pum, Pum, Pumpkin" Blair chants.

A small pumpkin forms in both of her hands, she was hoping to stop Augustine. The move doesn't seem to deter Augustine but he instead brings back one foot as if to start running at Blair. Blair fires off the pumpkins at Augustine, but to her surprise Augustine had disappeared and a white fox had appeared. It jumped across tops of the pumpkins as they flew by, before landing on the ground in front of Blair. "I knew it your not Augustine... What do you want?" Blair demanded.

The white fox said nothing but continued walking towards Blair. It had its eyes affixed on Blair, as if the fox was preparing to strike. Blair took a few steps back trying to keep some distance between her and the approaching fox. Suddenly Blair trips over something on the floor and falls down, she lets out a yelp as she hit the floor. The fox quickly overtakes Blair as she was struggling to her feet. The fox bares its teeth and leans closer to Blair's face. "My name... is Malachi, it is best not to forget it... but just so you don't forget it." The fox raises its paw and swipes at Blair just enough to scratch her face, just like the man from earlier in the day. Blair manages to scramble away and get to her feet, she was bleeding slightly. "How dare you touch me! Pum, Pum, Pumpkin Cannon!" She fired a large pumpkin at the wolf which simply moved to the side and avoided the attack.

"Your attacks are too slow Blair, you will never touch me with that speed." The fox retorts. Blair's eyes turn orange and she begins reciting her chant. "Pum, Pum, pumpkin, pum, pum, pumpkin..." Bright pumpkins begin appearing all around them. Malachi looked around and smirked, "Going to try and hit me with those Blair?" Blair did not respond as she continued to recite her chant. Suddenly a few of the pumpkins began to explode, the sound so loud it startled him. He jumps to the side only to be in the path of another pumpkin heading straight towards him,

Malachi barely had enough time to avoid the attack, however in his attempt to avoid getting hit he inadvertently lands in front of an exploding pumpkin. The blast blows him backwards, although the attack had hit him it did very little damage. Malachi acted as if he wasn't surprised by the attack, but what he wasn't letting on was that attacks like those were just one of his few weaknesses. He then decided to find a way to make his disappearance, so he quickly ran to different pillars of the building and waited for the pumpkins to fly at him and explode into the pillars. The building began to creak as the pillars holding everything up were being damaged. Malachi smirked as he kept avoiding the blasts with seconds to spare. One of the pillars finally had taken enough damage that it cracked striaght through and started to shift, which had also began to crack the ceiling.

Malachi knew it was time to leave before the building collapsed. "Congratulations Blair... Look around you, look at what you have caused... good luck explaining this..." With that the Fox jumps through a window near by and ran out of sight. Blair looked around and seen that the place was indeed collapsing around her. She then tried to run to the window that the fox escaped from but a section of the floor above her caved in and blocked off the path to the window. She then began to panic and quickly darted for a door on the other end of the room but before she could reach it a beam from the ceiling fell blocking the door.

Quickly becoming exhausted from using so much energy fighting Malachi then from running around she came to a stop. The sounds of the building cracking and shifting filled the air, the noise was becoming deafening. The ground had begun shaking as the building was falling around her. "Damn..." Blair mutters as the building collapsed all at once, dust, dirt and debris fly up high into the air as the two story building falls to the ground.

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