iNFeCTiON by Mama-Fukase
iNFeCTiONby Phantom Vista
Infection, it could get to anyone. Where it lurks, nobody knows. The only people who know are the ones who wield it, and no one knows who the 'Ones' are. Death the Kid...
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Two Souls (Soul X Maka) by Transparent_Petals
Two Souls (Soul X Maka)by BlackVermillion
Madness, fear, insanity. Everyone has it and everyone will have to choose either of the three. After Maka defeated the Demon god inside the barrier. She discovers that t...
  • soul
  • friends
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Soul Eater [] Die For You by DawnWantsToWrite
Soul Eater [] Die For Youby Alone
[] Takes place a few months after Maka defeated the Kishin [] After going on an extremely dangerous mission to help Crona and Ragnarok, Maka comes alarmingly close to d...
  • anime
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holy | soma by h3ll43
holy | somaby ♡
"i told you to kiss my softly, not rip my heart out." © @frowningg 2018 soma au slow updates
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