Chapter 10 Kid's Secret Weapon

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The commotion erupting in the city catches the attention of more than just the residents of Death City. 


Blackstar's voice can be heard from blocks away. He was running at full speed with Tsubaki in her Shuriken form. Blackstar didn't even stop for a moment when he met up with the group before jumping up onto roof tops and did what he could to get up alongside Kid. 

"Didn't think I was going to let you have all the fun, did you Kid?"

Kid didn't respond.  All his attention was being directed towards the figure. None of the students had ever seen Malachi's true form. All they had ever seen was Augustine and what he looked like. As Kid and Blackstar kept their attention focused on the strange figure, certain characteristics began coming into view in the moonlight. The figure had a mask that resembled a white fox and nine white tails spewed out from behind him. 

"Ahh if it isn't Death's asymmetrical son and the over zealous boy who believes he can surpass a god..."

Blackstar growled, and stomped his foot.

"You take that back! I will surpass God and take you down. Who do you think you are anyways?"

The figure cackled at Blackstar as he rambled on. He then aimed the cross-like weapon at Blackstar.

"I am Malachi, but we have already met..."

Malachi grins.

"What are you talking about?"

Kid demanded as he remained hovering in the air in front of Malachi.

"You may know me as Augustine... I merely took over his pathetic soul and now use his body as my vessel."

Kid aimed Liz and Patty at Malachi. At the same time, Blackstar prepared to launch himself at Malachi at any moment.

"What is it you want Malachi? Why have you chosen to reveal yourself?" Kid demanded.

"To reclaim what your father took from me and I don't plan on stopping until I destroy everything in my path." Malachi said with a smirk. "Now enough talk, prepare to die."

Without another word, Malachi fired the cross-gun and a bright beam of energy burst from it, streaming directly at Blackstar. He quickly dodged it and launched himself at Malachi. Using the momentum he gained from launching himself forward, he threw Tsubaki at Malachi which he blocked with his cross-gun, as he prepared to fire at Kid. Kid saw this and sped off towards Malachi.

Malachi fired the gun once more and Kid headed straight for it. Seconds before the two collided Kid swiftly dodged the attack and fired his own guns only mere feet from Malachi. Kid continued to fire, not giving Malachi a chance to move. Blackstar quickly grabbed Tsubaki and charged at the pinned down Malachi. He threw Tsubaki once again in an attempt to disable Malachi. Precious seconds went by as Tsubaki was flying through the air towards her target. Suddenly, Malachi reached out and grabbed Tsubaki in mid flight with one of his tails. Malachi released a large amount of energy into Tsubaki and she transformed back into her human form, unconcious. Malachi had her by her foot as Blackstar charged towards Malachi, running across the roof tops, trying to reach them.


Malachi mumbled before releasing Tsubaki who then plummeted to the ground. Blackstar managed to catch Tsubaki moments before she hits the street below. Kid, who was still firing his weapons, went to gain some distance by moving backwards but felt something grab his skateboard. While Kid was busy firing his weapons and watching what was happening with Tsubaki, he failed to notice Malachi getting ever so close to him. Kid stopped firing his weapons. As the smoke cleared, Malachi's face appeared only two feet away from Kid's. 

Malachi grinned widely "My turn..." 

A bright glow formed beside Malachi and he fired the cross-gun. The energy beam hit Kid and sent him soaring backwards across the sky. Kid quickly regained control and sped towards Malachi. 

"Death Cannon!" Kid shouts.

Liz and patty transformed into Kid's death cannon mode and locked onto Malachi. Kid fired his weapons and the beam ripped across the night sky lighting it up as bright as day. Malachi shielded himself with his nine tails, smoke rising from his fur but there was no actual damage. 

"Well, that was... annoying... I had expected much more from the son of Death." Malachi mocked.

Malachi raced at Kid with lightning fast reflexes, reaching him within seconds. With one of his tails he grabbed hold of Kid's board. 

"Let's see how well you do without this..." Malachi grinned and snapped Kid's board in two then grabbed Kid in midair with one of his nine tails. 

"Bastard!" Kid shouted as he struggled to get free, freeing his hands and arms to aim Liz and Patty at Malachi's face. "You will pay for that!!"

"We'll see about that." Malachi said, before throwing Kid down to the ground.

To his surprise Kid landed on his feet, creating a small crater in the ground. Kid looked up and smirked.

"Something wrong Malachi..." Kid calmly asked.

Malachi shook it off and prepared to fire the cross-gun once more. 

"I suppose I shall have to finish you off !" Malachi shouted as his weapon was charging for a massive blast.

Kid said nothing as he stood there, the lines in his hair connecting. His weapons glowed brighter and brighter as each line connected, until the third and final line connected. Normally, his weapon was a set of massive cannons that sat on the ground but this time it wasn't a set of cannons; it was a single large launcher that formed at Kid's side.

It was aimed straight for Malachi, who seemed undeterred by the strange weapon formation. A bright light began forming inside the launcher. Kid kept his attention focused on Malachi. He grabbed the launcher and knelt down and steadied his aim at Malachi. Seconds felt like an eternity as the two faced off. Blackstar managed to get Tsubaki to a safe distance. Soul, Maka and Sid watched on as the light from the two's weapons began turning night into day. The moment was so tense you could hear the sound of your own heart beating. 

Without warning, Malachi and Kid fired their weapons. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. The two beams met in midair and caused a massive explosion. The blast was so powerful that the shockwaves formed by the explosion had caused more damage than the actual explosion. The shockwaves leveled nearby buildings, shattered windows everywhere, even cracking the windshield on Soul's bike.

Dust, dirt and debris filled the air making it very difficult to see the extent of damage that the blast had caused. An eerie silence fell over Death City. Blackstar who had been covering Tsubaki in an alley took off to go find Kid. As Blackstar reached where Kid was he found him unconscious, nearly embedded in a far wall. Soul, Maka and Sid finally made their way through the rubble and attempted to remove Kid from the wall without jostling him around too much which could cause other problems. Liz and Patty were back in their human forms but they too were in bad condition.

Maka looked around to see if she could find Malachi's body laying somewhere. She used her soul sensing ability and noticed that there was a faint soul nearby. She cautiously headed towards the weak soul, moving debris from her path. She soon found a body and carefully uncovered it. Maka called out to Sid.

"Uhh, Sid... you may want to come here ASAP."

Sid quickly rushes over to Maka and looks over the body she had uncovered. Sid recognized the body right away. 

"It's Augustine..."

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