Chapter 4: Ignore the Bullshit

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Your walking casually around school or anywheres else.
Just minden your own stuffs when you here something you dont wanna here.
Like "that persons hair is so fucked up"
Or " that outfit does not look good"
Oorrr " shes a slut"
Whatever it is.
You dont like it, so your chest hurts, your face burns with anger , your hands clench into fists and you just wanna, oh i dunno... Shove those negative coments up their asses, right?

Welp, as much as you want to see them burn in hell, be mature about it and ignore it.
If you wanna cry, cry, because i can understand that it hurts.(just dont do it infront of them)
But it shoyldnt hurt that much.

Sometimes people just wanna be dicks and make your day hell because their life is just crap.
So dont let them get to you because as long as its not true, it shoyldnt affect you.
Maybe piss you off a bit, but not do much damage...
Soo whenever you here something that is just plain bull, IGNORE IT

Or if your not a lil siss like mahhh self, go and confront those bastards.
But FOR FUCKS SAKE PLEASEE have a good comeback first
Don't say something like " yeah well you face smells" or " your momm!"
Cuz I've done that before and to tell you the truth it makes you look pathetic and please dear god don't do that it doesn't work >_<

So yep c: unless you have a bad ass comeback, please... Just... Just let it go...

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