Chapter 6: Be Happy

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So from what I've heard, your enemy hates when you're happy.
I thought it was dumb and it was hard to e happy with all the bullshit they cause.
But i tried it, and tried to be extremely optimistic about evetything.
Smiled a shit load whenever i passed by them and at first it felt awkward and weird , cuz maybe people would he wondering "why is she always so damn happy?"
Ya kbow, its not something you usually see but i still did it anyways.

So as the weeks when by i actually started to get used to the pretending and actually became happy.
I some how didn't care what they said or did anymore, it didn't even matter yo me anymore and soon enough they left me alone as well so that made me even more happy.

Trust me, it works.
Eventually they'll find out they don't have an affect on you anymore, and move on with their pathetic lifes.

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