Chapter 3: Dont even look at le bitch

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They see you...
They know you know that their presence is near...
So they aproach you...
In the very... Most bitchiest... Way yet...
They know... That you cannot resist a look... They stand there
You CAN FEELLL their eyes burning into your head..

a bead of sweat begins to form and slowly make its way down the side of your face as you FIGHT back the urge to look into the eyes of your most hated enemy!
But.. Before you do... The rage is too much to handle...
So you scream and shove your middle finger and swirl it in that bitches face screaming HOW DO YOU LIKEE THAT YOU DICK TAKE IT!!!
And have a mini assassin come from a near by trash can and SLAUGHTER them infornt of millions of people as they all stare in fucking amazement and bow down before you!

No not really but you want to right?
Just an urge ^_^

All you really gotta do is just simply not make any eye contact at all
If they're near by just look right past them
Its literally that fucking easy really xD

They approach you, say " oh hey tiffany remember that night we ate burritos and shoved dollar bills into the speedos of gay strippers while they taught us how to make crystal meth? "
or whatever you like to do on your free time thats cool...

Its really that easy guys trust me

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