Chapter 2: Dont speak to them

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Say the person doesn't know that you dislike them and try talking to you.
Don't just ignore them like that, ATLEAST tell them you don't wanna speak to them
Something like "hey dick, i don't like you"
No thats a little mean.. Maybe something like
"hey, hey person, shut up"
Yeah , yeah thats better ^_^
Alot less harsh eh?(:

OOORRRR or orrrrrrrrrr, say theyre just being a douche and tryy talking to you when they knowwww you dont like them but because the fact that they are a douuchheeee they do it anyways to just be, well, a douche .
Then welp, you ignore that fucking douche, because theyre a douche, and you hate douches, so you just dont talk to them

Just walk away, or dont say anything at all.
Go ahead, be a douche yourself snd LET them know your ignore their asses. Yeah thats right, make those bastards feel like shit!

Yeah i knowww i knoww maybe you're thinking, "oh but they're friends with my friends and they'll tell them I'm meann"
So what c:
They think your a bitch, WAHLE THEN, let them think that because you know you are not a bitch c:

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