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An icy wind brushes across my face piercing my skin and blowing strands of auburn blonde hair across my face. I growl in irritation and shove the hair behind my ear. I glance around the little plat form area I am sitting on. It is just a balcony, one that most people in castle don't know about. It's on the 3rd floor off a section that few people ever go in. the rails around the little area are black, and the only two things on it besides myself are a wooden bench that the castle provided, and a stone that I found in a pasture a few days back. I didn't think much of the stone when I first saw it, but then I touched it and found that the texture was rather leathery. I thought it was unique and brought it back with me.

The stone is plain gray with black and white speckles, and it is about the size of a head or a pumpkin. Nothing out of the ordinary, so I put it up here to keep the maids from throwing it out. They most likely would think I had gone crazy if I told them I wanted it to stay. I never bring anything in the castle from outside. Everything is too dirty.

Blinking the spots out of my eyes after looking at the white page for too long, I glance slowly up at the sky. I suddenly jump to my feet. "oh no!" I gasp shoving the cork in my ink bottle and tossing my things into my satchel. I dash back into the castle and run down the stairs flying into my room and throwing my satchel onto my bed. I take a quick glance around the large room, my eyes falling on the item I am searching for and snatch it up running back out of the room.

I round a corner and nearly slam right into somebody.

"Sorry!" I say moving around them. "sorry." the someone mutters. I stop and glance back. "Brayn?" I ask. "what are you doing?" I scan the arm load of strange things in his arms. Brayden, or Brayn to a lot of people, is a wizard. He was born with a gift and has been a magic wielder his whole life. Not like the ones you read about in fairytails that can turn people to stone and all that, but he can make all sorts of potions and plenty of useful spells. He just got back a month ago from 4 years at a Wizardry Collage to stabilize his gift.

Brayn's deep brown eyes suddenly dart up to my face. "Oh. Sorry Sen." he says pulling his head up. "I didn't see you. I'm working on something for the stable master. Somethings been getting into the grain and he wants me to trap it." I nod knowingly and start to turn. "I have to go. Don't blow up anything!" he shoots me a look and I grin dashing up the hall.

I slide to a stop in front of my destination, a random sitting room that my siblings and I have used for years as a meeting place when we wanted to talk or play before we all grew out of that.

I open the door and slip into the room. My other brother is standing across the room with his arms folded behind his back, showing off his kingly posture that my mother and sisters admire so much. I grin to myself and slip across the room sliding into a chair and crossing my ankles. I wait for a moment, and sure enough he turns his head and blinks at me. "oh." he says turning all the way. "I didn't see you." I smirk. "no.. really?" Dane gives me a look. "watch the sarcasm Caycay." he warns. I sigh and nod. "sorry." I say. he smiles. "don't worry about it. I have just been spending too much time in the throne room." we both laugh and I stand to my feet holding out the book I brought. His gray eyes brighten. "You found it!" I roll my eyes. "isn't that why we came here?" he laughs. "yes. Sorry." I smile as he shakes his head causing his chin length blond hair to sway.

"well." he says glancing out the window. "I have to get going. I have court at 4:00." I nod and then grin as he pecks me on the cheek heading for the door. Dane is the Eire to my father's throne. He has been since my eldest sister married when I was 7. before she married she denounced her right to the throne should the Eire die, pushing the throne right from Luella, my 17 year old sister who is obsessed with clothes, to Dane. He is 16 and Brayn is 19. I am the youngest, and I am 15 and shorter then any of my family, although I am not so very short. I mean, I am about the height of two sheep stacked on top of each other.  

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