Not a stone.

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A knot forms in my stomach as I pound against the wall where the door once was, but it doesn't open.

Heart drumming in my chest I spin around pressing my body to the wall. The stone suddenly jumps into the air and comes crashing down.

A crack appears on the bottom and then slowly spreads up the side. I feel tears burning behind my eyes and press harder into the wall. It's going to blow up and then I am going to die and no one will ever find me. I feel a sob choke in my throat and look around in panic, but it was too late. Something suddenly pops off the stone flying into my leg. I look down and suddenly want to laugh. An egg shell lays at my feet and there is a large chip in the side of the 'stone'. It was an egg.

Half mad with relief, I stumble across the plat form to look at it. There isn't anything to see inside. Just something wet and alive. All of a sudden the top of the egg cracks and pops off. I jump back falling on my rump and scramble towards the wall. A long gray tail pops out of the shell followed by one leg. Both are covered with gooey membrane stuff. My face pinches in disgust and I press my back against the wall. Another crack spreads up the side of the egg, and all of a sudden, the egg shell shatters leaving only a small circle covering the head of the creature. He is gray and has a tail nearly as long as he is. What he is, I don't know. It looks like a lizard, but he is much bigger then any I have seen. It jerks it's head out of the shell and sprawls out on the ground. I stifle back a laugh at the sight of the confused little creature. It's head shoots up and a pair of wide gray eyes stare at me. It has a crown along his head, two of the points are longer then the others adding to the cat like look his eyes give him. It pulls it's legs under it and hobbles right over to me before I know what has happened. With a shriek I ball myself up and pull away. It freezes and looks at me.

With a groan I drop my head back against the wall letting my eyes close. Something wet nudges my hand, then a whole little head presses against it with a soft cooing noise. I sigh and glance down at it. It has to be too cold for it out here, and it will need to eat soon if it's anything like other baby animals. I suppose I will have to get a maid to feed it, or if they won't then the stable boy will.

With that thought in mind I stand to my feet and turn around. The wall is still closed. "Castle! Please let me back inside before both I and this..... lizard freeze!" a tremor runs through the castle that I take as a no. I groan and drop my back into it again. Something nudges my foot and I look down. The lizard's mouth is on the hem of my skirt. I jerk it away and glare at the creature, who scowls at me in return. I scowl and turn with a huff to the castle again. "Come on! I will get a maid to take care of it!" another tremor. I huff, then knit my eye brows together. "you... you want me to take care of it?" nothing. My eyes widen in horror. "what??? I can't take care of a lizard! I hate reptiles." a tremble runs through the castle again. I groan and drop my head against the wall. I feel the lizard brush against my skirt and glare down at it.

"Fine!" I groan, then find myself sitting on the bench. I blink and look up to find the door back. With a smirk of satisfaction, I stand up. I am going to go tell Brayn and find some way out of this. As soon as this thought crosses my mind, the door is gone. My eyes widen and I stomp my foot. "what?? I am not keeping this a secret!" the castle shakes. I scowl at the door and cross my arms. It's getting cold outside, and it's almost time for supper. I narrow, then roll my eyes. "fine." I say. "I will keep it a secret. But only if you help me." the door reappears. 

With a sigh I turn around and look at the lizard. It is next to my feet just looking at me.

If I am going to keep it a secret, then I am going to have to hide it in my cloak. Muttering under my breath I unclasp it and drop it down over the little animal.

With my satchel over my shoulder and the bundle in my arms, I step back into the castle. No one is in sight. I heave a breath and hurry towards the staircase. Right as I reach it, everything spins and I am standing in the hallway in front of my room. I groan against the sick feeling in my stomach and shuffle towards my room as fast as I dare. I shut the door and drop the animal on the floor. He shuffles out and growls at me, then suddenly runs over and rubs against me. For such a young animal, he is sprightly.

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