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The first week.

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The first time I got to test Brayn's spell came first thing the next morning. I was walking down the hall after getting more fish for the reptile, when I saw a maid enter the room.

Or rather, open the door, for that was all she did. She opened the door, stepped in and then turned and walked right back out.

I stared dumbfounded at her till she turned around with a smile and walked past me down the hallway.

I hurried right into the room and found it just as I left it. The lizard in plain sight on the carpet sleeping away and my room a wreck. I told Brayn about the spell working this afternoon and he rolled his eyes at me.

On the afternoon of the 5th day the strangest thing happened that nearly scared the life out of me.

I was sitting cross legged on the floor with a book in my lap, half thinking about the book and half thinking about how much my family would scold me if they ever saw me sitting like this, when I heard him make a chirping noise.

Curious, I glanced up to find him attacking a fish that I had fed him earlier that he had spit back up, much to my disgust and horror. he pounced on the fish, and then stepped back and glared at it when it didn't move.

Then, before I could do a thing, he lowered his head and choked out a puff of white flamed smoke.

My eyes widened in horror and I lept to my feet, flying across the room and stomping out the ember before it had time to really catch.

The reptile just looked at me, then waddled over to his bed and glared. I glared back until realization of what just happened dawned on me.

No lizards I know of blow sparks.

Especially not white ones.

With out waiting a moment longer I dart out of the room and right into someone. I gasp in shock and look up to find Brayn's brown eyes knitted together with concern. "Sen-?" I grab his wrist and jerk him into my room pushing the door shut as fast as I can and spinning around to face the confused look I am receiving from a pair of deep brown eyes.

"My lizard just blew fire!" I gasp before he has time to speak. But instead of the startled look I was expecting to get from him, he pinches the bridge of his nose and groans.

"Brayn?" I ask taking a quick step towards him. He doesn't respond but looks across the room at the lizard who is glaring at both of us.

"Sen." he turns his head to me and looks me right in the eye, his tone is serious. "I know what he is." I feel my heart start to pound in my chest and a slight lump forms in my throat. "what?" I manage to choke out. Brayn almost smiles. "he's a dragon."

My heart stops.

"wait... what??" I gape knitting my eyebrows together. "but... but he doesn't have wings!" I stutter not realizing how dumb that reason was.

Brayn half smiles. "I read up on them some today, well... what little we have on them. They are supposed to be myths so we don't have much." I nod my head and wait for him to continue.

  "according to my information, they aren't supposed to get their wings till they are at least a week old. One in a story I read in collage didn't get them till he was nearly a half a year old." I frown and look back over at the li—er—dragon.

A dragon? Seriously?

I feel a tingle run down my spine at the thought.

This could be the last dragon alive!

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