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Hello and welcome to the first book of the series "Language Book" (well at least I'm hoping to make a series).
I love learning new languages. It helps me understand not only what the other person is saying, but also it helps me understand their culture. Every country has their own culture and their own language. Some countries even have more than one language. Even within the same country you'll find people talking in the same language but with various accents. Some accents differs so much that you might even think of it as a different language.
All these intrigue me and I know there are others who takes learning new languages as a hobby. Some people do it as a hobby, some wants to create a better resume, some needs to learn it to cope up with a new environment, some just loves kdrama and kpop so much that they are learning a new language, some just loves anime (like me), some wants to study abroad. The list of reasons doesn't end.
Comment your reason why you want to learn a new language (or in this case Japanese) here~
Who knows maybe you will become a part of a fandom or meet some friends who shares the same interest as you do.

NOTE: I am no professional nor is English my first language. As I said before, I love learning languages and I want to invite you to join me in this journey. Because I believe learning is fun when you're doing with other people. So I hope that you'll excuse me if you find some mistakes. Feel free to correct me or share whatever you know that is relevant to the topic.

So, why should you learn a new language?
- It helps to improve memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
-It enhances our concentration, ability to multitask.
-Improves listening skills.
-Helps you to communicate with more people.
-Looks better in resume/CV.
-Helps to understand a culture better.
-Can help you in your job.
-You can say whatever you want around people who doesn't know that particular language. (at least I feel like it)
-It's fun because you're not bound to do it :)
I hope you all will support me and be with me till the very end of the book. Let's make this a fun and productive ride,shall we?

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