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The taxi ride back to Brighton lasted forever. Marcus still hadn't awakened, i thought that after an hour he would awake, but it has been four hours since we landed.

once we arrived back at our flat i put Marcus into his wheelchair and get the lift. i managed to get him into bed before going to sleep my self. the jet lag was killing me and i fell asleep within seconds.

i awoke to the sound of my alarm, it was 6:30, meaning it was time for my early morning run. i tried to waken Marcus but he rolled over, so i turned and kissed him on his forehead and went to find my trainers.

i wenZ on my normal run, heading towards the beach. i spent the whole run thinking about what had happened in the last year, i had fallen in love with my bestfriend. fallen out with him, made up. made enemies with Joe, Zoe announced her pregnancy.

what a crazy life i had.

on my run i also couldnt help but think about how the lane almost crashed yesterday, my whole life flashed before my eyes. but yet i wouldn't of minded if i had died like that. not that i wanted to die, but if i had it would of been with Marcus.

When i returned home i found Marcus sitting on the end of the bed his face in his hands

"Marcy, are you ok?" i walked over to him to kiss him, but panic flashed through his eyes,

" get back!" he said. standing up.

"Marcy its me, nim-bob?" i walked over to him, but he backed away looking round the room.

" where am i, who are you?" this cant be happening.

i walked over to him and put my hands on his face, trying to stop the tears, hoping that this was some kind of prank of some sort.

" do you really not remember me?" i looked into his eyes to try and see if he was joking.

"no." he replied with no emotions at all

i ran out the room tears streaming from my eyes. i grabbed my phone and called Zoe.

"he doesnt remember me, our house what do i do i came back and , just help me Zoe" i cried, talking to quickly, making no sense.

"Nims calm down, what's wrong?" Zoe replied in a very calm voice.

" i... i.. i think Marcus has amnesia."


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