Who am i?

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I don't know where I am, who I am or who anyone else is. All I know is that I am currently in a relationship with a blonde girl named Niomi, I have only talked to her once and I think I hurt her feelings, she ran away crying.

I have looked at old photos of me and her, we must have dated for a long time, I just wish I remembered her.

I was looking through all my draws to try and find some personal things because I remember hiding things. I went into my sock draw and found a small black box, inside was an amazing ring.

That's when I realised

I was ment to propose to Niomi. I just wish I could remember our realationship, it must have been Amazon if I was going to ask her to marry me before.


I say anxiously waiting for Alfie and Zoe to arrive, I had tried showing Marcus photos of us when we first met but still no sign, why can't he remember.

I rushed to the door to let zalfie in

"Are you ok?" They both asked as they entered.

I could see the sadness and Pitty in their eyes, making me feel even worse about the situation

I just nodded " he is in our room." I Replied

Alfie went into the room as zoe stayed and talked to me


I can only imagine how bad Niomi must be feeling Marcus had told me how he had planned a massive party and a surprise for Niomi , he was ment to propose. Now, he remembers nothing.

I knocked on the door and slowly opened it.

"Hi Marcus, you don't know me I'm-"

"Alfie?!"Marcus finished my se ranch

Wait, how does he remember my name or who I am?

" wait you know who I am"
I was so confused my heart rate had increased massively.

" we are best friends, I remember you and I would sit infringement of a camera and that we got on" I ran up to him and hugged him, I even started to cry.

" do you remember anyone else. Niomi zoe joe Caspar Louise?" He shook his head

There was a knock on the door and Zoe entered.

" who are you coping Alfie?" She asked I smiled and looked her in the eyes before walking over and hugging her.

"He remembers me". Zoe was shocked, I heard a noise behind me. And then I saw Niomi crying.


How does he not remember me, but yet he remembers Alfie?
I need to jog his memory some way or another .

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