Trust Me, The Storm Will End

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I come unto you this day to heal, restore, and to bring you closer into My presence. It does not matter how the storm may rage around you; I am The One that is always in control. You must trust Me to the end no matter how hard the storms are raging in your life. Always remember, the trial you are going through; this thing that has come to test your faith will end. My child, trust Me, the storm you are facing will end. You must be ready to go on trusting even unto the last hour. I will make a way when you cannot see your way. I want you to rely on Me alone. Trust in My Spirit, not in what you see. Trust; fear not, and know I am able to do what I promised.

What is it, you fear? Do not listen to what others are telling you. Listen only to My voice, only My voice. Stand on what you know to be true. Do you remember the last miracle I performed in your life? How you marveled at what I did? You said, "I can't believe Jesus did that." But I did, did not I? My Child, I will do it again. I took what you saw as impossible and made it possible. So, why do you wonder if I am able to provide?

Oh My child, I say unto you this day, please take time to remember the blessings of the past, and do not worry. I have spoken unto the storms and commanded them to cease! That storm shall be no more. I am pouring forth upon you a sweet and gentle rain; it shall renew, strengthen, and breathe new life into you. Embrace what I am doing; do not resist. Ineed you to trust in Me until the end. I will provide, have not I always? Trust Me the storm will end.

Meditate on My Word: Isaiah 43:2

My Prayer Confession, Father, I thank you for being with me and delivering from the raging storm. Oh, Lord. I confess it was rocky, and like Peter, I looked at the waves instead of keeping my eyes on You when the winds started blowing. But Praise God, hallelujah, and just like Peter, I remembered to call on Your Name; you heard my cry and saved me. I am speaking to the storms in my life by faith, I say PEACE BE STILL!

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