P.S. I Hate You (Harry Styles)

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"Harry. Come over tonight?"  "I can't.. I was sleeping." He said, slightly annoyed that I called him up at like 3 in the morning.  "Please." I rolled my eyes.  I waited for a response, as I could hear shuffling at the other end of a line.  "Do you want to have sex tonight?"  I smiled, biting my lip. "Pleasure to."  He lowly chuckled, as I yawned.  "I'll be there in about ten minutes."  "I'm naked under the sheets."  "Maybe five, then." I could hear him moving around already, me guessing he was fumbling with his jeans before I hear him head downstairs.  I smirked. "Oh and by the way."  "Yeah?" He breathed out.  "I hate you."  --------------------------  We were the complete opposites, as you can see.. But we both had one single thing in common.  COPYRIGHTED © BritishBums  COVER MADE BY: BritishBums (lol) EDITOR: fivesaucetbh
all the books ive read so far have the summary begin around the middle of the book not the first page lol
20 minutes?! tf mine's 1-4 hrs depending on what you did and how many times you did it
we dont have detention unless our teacher is being a b*tch and keeps you in her classroom during lunch
Ask siri what is 0 divided by 0 and then cry yourself to sleep
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NO! THIS IS PATRICK! *hangs up phone and stares forward with glare as he works at  THE Krusty Krab*