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littlefeatherflying By littlefeatherflying Updated a year ago
Life gets tragic when a were-snake claims his mate. Sweet Adina comes to love mysterious, brooding Daniel. She is pursued by a possessive, desperate Chester. Both men fight for her, which which will die for his love?
LadyOfTheWild LadyOfTheWild 9 months ago
I just have to say: CLEVER title! I happen to love snakes, I have a baby king-snake named Celeste, so this has me interested :-)
DeBest_Elle DeBest_Elle 2 years ago
Very well written, but what the heck is the story about? While I like the attention to detail, it gives nothing away, so I'm hesitant to read anymore...
tinyywhoo tinyywhoo 3 years ago
Amazing writer. Breathtaking story. :-) Please don't abandon this story :(( Team Chester!!! <3
KellyEason KellyEason 3 years ago
Please update this soon i have really enjoyed this book so far
Aloebby Aloebby 3 years ago
I am begging youu
please ;(
this is too hooked your torturing me.
kerearll kerearll 3 years ago
I mean werid And yes I was using sarcasm :/  you're story is good by the way :D