Fate Reloaded

Jordana Kane is your typical 15-year-old sophomore who’s moving through high school as a part of the in-crowd. One Friday night, her friends make plans to go to the movies, and Jordana’s decision to go with them or not will alter her life forever. If she decides to stay home, she finds herself witnessing a crime happening next door and decides to put on her detectives hat and launch her own investigation. When she chooses to go to the movies, but leaves early, Jordana meets a mystery traveler who wiggles his way into her family’s home and her heart, before she discovers that he’s actually a famous movie star. Choosing to head to her local diner causes Jordana to meet a bad-boy musician who sweeps her into his world of rock and fame, which ends in a record deal and booze-filled parties. And if she stays through the movie, she’ll end up the star of a student film, finding herself acting alongside her number one crush. Which decision is the right one and what will seal her fate forever? You'll have to read to find out!
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WOW! 7 pages, a lot to wrap my head around, but it was a great start to a story :)
I enjoyed this first chapter. Everything flowed nicely. Now to the next chapter. c :
Awesome. Four books in one with the same character, based off of her choices. I wonder how you'll pull this off ;) But I'm a little hesitant, tbh.
I liked the start of this. I wonder which option Jordana will chose first. Also I laughed at her dad's Britney Spears comment. It was so true.
Kane....... Hey it's from Kane chronicles by Rick Rordan no wonder it sounded fami
It was nice seeing you at the meetup and hearing your story I can't wait until Life's A Witch Comes out :)

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