Leonardo, Leo for short, is an Italian guy coming to America for the first time after his mom is transferred to another company. His mom met a new man and this caused for them to move into a new home, with a new family and a new step brother, who in Leo's eyes, is a beautiful God. Will a romance between two step brothers really work out?
Meh still feels weird. Stepbrother feels kinda incesty to me..but I'm open minded?
I thought I was the only one thinking 'this' but from the comments below it shows I'm not the only one with a dirty mind!!!!
did you know, that when the moon is right over you, you weight less
that's not the only thing he is gonna shove in your mouth...
The scent of grass and silence....
omg lol I Knew it well I thought he was going to push him into the pool, but close enough